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There are many different networking sites available, each with their own set of benefits and drawbacks. Some are more appropriate for business use than others. LinkedIn, Xing, Slack, and Facebook are some examples of popular business networking sites. There are also some that are more appropriate for personal use. We’ll discuss how to use them to your advantage.


Facebook and other social networking sites allow users to connect online and share content with other users. Users can send friend requests to new and old acquaintances, view the content posted by others, and enter private chat with other users. The number of users on these sites varies, and these are important statistics to know when considering joining the social network.

Some of the most popular social networking sites, such as Facebook, have been the focus of controversy. Some have claimed that Facebook’s popularity has had unintended consequences for users. For example, a Christian college recently expelled a gay student after administration officials found photos of him in drag on his Facebook page. Other examples include the suspension of 20 middle school students for forming a MySpace group and threatening to kill another student with anti-Semitic remarks. In a separate incident, Kansas authorities arrested five teenagers after a suspect posted a plan on MySpace for an attack.


LinkedIn is a professional networking site that allows members to build relationships with one another. These connections can represent real-world professional relationships. Members can invite anyone to join their network as a connection. They can also ask their connections to introduce them to others. Users can also interact with each other through postings and writing articles.

LinkedIn has over 722 million registered members and focuses on business networking. Its members create profile pages that emphasize their education, employment history, and skills. Members can also view other people’s connections and see their news feeds. Basic LinkedIn membership is free. The paid premium service allows users to view the complete profiles of other members.


XING is a networking site with a career focus that is popular in the DACH region. It has almost 21 million members and is LinkedIn’s primary competitor in the DACH. If you’d like to promote your business on XING, submit its URL to the Social Media fields. Companies like Acompio, Cylex, Dialo, Hotfrog, Finderr, and others offer XING URL submission.

Xing was founded in Hamburg, Germany in 2003. It now has over 11 million registered members and is the leading networking site in the DACH region. The site is especially useful for professionals and executives who want to position themselves as industry experts. This means that potential companies looking for professionals can easily find them. Xing is best suited for German-speaking users, although it has recently expanded to Spain.


Slack is a social messaging app that replaces IRC and is becoming popular among professional groups. The messaging app uses private channels within your team for communication and has some similarities to Twitter. The main difference, however, is that Slack is closed, sucking up information that goes in and not letting much out.

The social networking app can be used for a variety of things, from coordinating work trips to keeping track of grocery lists. It can also be used to create new communities of like-minded people. For example, there are Slack groups for vaping enthusiasts and vinyl collectors. The platform also allows users to have personal conversations.


100AM is a networking site that allows users to keep track of contacts and events, including their meeting times and location. Users can also automatically update their contact information and send unlimited digital business cards to others. It functions like many other social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. Users can also create a public profile and design a custom digital business card. 100AM is especially useful for women in technology, and it also provides opportunities to network with like-minded women.

100AM is available as a website and app. It features different tools for networking, including the ability to create networking groups and contact people via built-in instant messenger. It also has an “About Me” field, which allows users to post updates and company announcements.

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