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Visalia resident and mom of three, Jessica Thomas, took her kids to Riverway Sports being done on the splash pad. We’re such big fans of the park and I don’t know if they do this regularly, but I think it’s kind of mean, she said. My kids were so disappointed!


Kids in Visalia were disappointed to find out that their favorite summer destination, Riverway Sports Park, was closed for maintenance. The water park fresno ca is only closed this week, but the closing left kids with nothing to do on a hot day. Mrs. Olson tells us about her experience with the closure: I was so excited to take my son to the splash pad because it’s been so hot and he loves playing in water! I was really disappointed when we got there and saw that it was closed. We didn’t know what else to do so we just went home.
The closure of this beloved spot left many parents scrambling for an activity they could enjoy with their kids after school or during their lunch break.

What Happened?

I frequently visit Riverway Sports park to use their splash pad in the summer. Well to my kids disappointment it was closed for maintenance so I called Visalia Parks and Recreation Department to get a status update. The lady I spoke with let me know that they are planning on being open by the first week of June, but if it is not completed then there will be no opening date. This is disappointing for my kids as well as other families who are looking forward to spending time at this splash pad.

Why Was It Closed?

This is a question that many parents have been asking, and the answer seems to be that the splash pad was closed due to maintenance. According to Visalia Water’s Facebook page, there has been some construction on this section of water pipes. This may explain why the splash pad was closed for the time being. In the meantime, there are other ways that families can enjoy themselves at Riverway Sports Park such as going down the many slides and riding on different rides.

How Long Will It Be Closed?

Riverway Sports park will be closed for maintenance from November 3rd to the 17th. For the duration of this time, there will be no access to their splash pad or pool. The reason is that they are installing new safety barriers to prevent children from wandering off into unsafe areas. This project is being funded by a grant they received from Caltrans and Parks and Recreation Department.
We want all our guests to know that we are doing everything possible so they can continue to have a safe, clean, fun experience while visiting Riverway Sports Park.

Alternatives to the Splash Pad:

I have a few alternative options to help your kids stay cool on those hot days when the splash pad is closed. One option is to take your kids to one of our local pools, like the Visalia Swim Center. Another option is to take them on a bike ride through one of the many trails in town. Or if you have a pool in your backyard, let them play in it!

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