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How to Draw A Cartoon Alien. The universe we live in is so vast that it can sometimes be difficult to comprehend. We know relatively little about the universe we call home, and debate about other life forms in the universe has raged since the dawn of man.

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It’s fun to imagine how aliens might look and behave on other planets, and we’re here to get a fun interpretation in this cartoon alien drawing guide! Finally, you will be able to draw this fantastic cartoon alien drawing, and you can add your fun details and editions to customize it further.

How to Draw A Cartoon Alien

Step 1

The design we’ll be working on in this guide is fun and imaginative! We start by sketching the head. This alien’s head is quite round, with two strange ears sticking out at the top. Use a curved line for the bottom of the head and then two rounded lines that connect at the top.

For the ears, use rounder lines for the stems, then add the oval outlines on top. You can finish by drawing the ear holes with a black oval inside each one. This completes this first step, and we can move on to step 2!

Step 2

You have the outline for the alien’s head, and in this second step of our how to draw a cartoon alien guide, we will add the facial details. This alien has big expressive eyes, and you can draw them with big round shapes.

Then add a large circle for each student. You can add the nostrils by drawing two small round shapes under the eyes. Finish off this step by drawing a large curved line for the mouth, then add some small pointy teeth underneath.

Step 3

In this third part of your cartoon alien drawing, you’ll add some fun wavy arms to the body. First, add a small thin neck down from the head’s base. We will then use curved lines from the alien’s shoulders to form these thin arms.

The wavier you can make them, the better! Each arm ends in a hand with three long, rounded fingers that bend slightly. Now that you’ve added those arms and neck, you can move on to the fourth part of the guide!

Step 4

Now it’s time to add the body of this funny alien. You can draw a single curved line from the arm to the right for the chest and abdomen. The back is drawn with two smaller curved lines connected.

This alien will wear shorts; you can draw the edge of these shorts with a few more curved lines. Draw another rounded line for the shorts, and then you can draw the top of her legs. We will finish drawing these legs in the next step of how to draw a cartoon alien guide, and you can also add other final details in this step.

Step 5

This fifth step of the guide covers the ending of this little alien, adding his legs and some final details. Her legs are short and skinny, and she’ll wear cool alien shoes. These have an oval border at the top, as shown in the reference image.

Draw A Cartoon Alien

Finally, its feet consist of two long, thin toes. Now that you’ve added those legs and feet, you’re ready for the final step of the tutorial! Before we move on to some colouring fun, add any other details or ideas you might have. We think it would be great to draw an interesting background as it would be a great opportunity to design your alien planet.

Step 6

Your alien already looks good, but some colours would make it look better! In this last step, we’ll add some colours to finish it nicely. We showed you how to colourize your alien in our reference image. We used green for her body and skin tone, then added patches of different shades of green on her body to add fun colour detail.

Cartoon Alien Drawing

Finally, we used shades of yellow for his eyes and purple for his pants. We picked these colours, but feel free to use any colours you like to create your perfect alien friend! Choosing colours is one thing, but you can also decide on the art tools and mediums that best suit this awesome alien!

Your Cartoon Alien Drawing is Finished!

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