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Automated security systems provide homeowners the ability to configure, monitor, and manage their house’s security setup remotely. A home security system‘s primary goal is to safeguard your house and everyone inside it against natural calamities like broken pipes as well as burglary, home invasion, fire, and other threats.

Professional monitoring services perform this whether you are aware of the issue or not, and they may also provide assistance in case of an emergency medical situation. Let’s discuss the best home security systems in Ontario and Toronto.

Best Security Providers For Home Automation:

Following are the top security systems used for home automation Toronto and Ontario:

TELUS Smart Home Security:

TELUS is a Canadian telecommunications provider that provides internet, television, home, and mobile phones, and home security services. The firm was established in 1990 with the intention of assisting the privatization of telephones in Ontario and other major counties of Canada.

TELUS stands apart from the competition because it places a high priority on giving back to the community. TELUS actually donates 5% of its pre-tax profit to help Canadians in need. When it comes to smart home security services, TELUS also uses the most recent technologies to provide the best home automation Toronto and all over Canada.

Why TELUS Smart Home Security?

Online security is a free addition to TELUS SmartHome Security and includes up to $25,000 in identity theft insurance costs. You may have equipment with a monthly cost as high as $1400. TELUS offers affordable pricing, but you can also save money on energy and insurance by signing up for one of their SmartHome Security programs.


Okos makes smart home automation Toronto simpler. Your house can adjust to your requirements, your routine, and your family’s preferences with Okos. With a single app that you can operate from a distance, personalize everything in your house. You can quickly and effectively conserve energy and safeguard your house with Okos’s bundles for smart homes. 

Why Okos be your first choice for a home security system?

By including additional features, Okos lets you personalize your bundle for your home. The professional in-home installation is another benefit of choosing Okos. Additionally, you receive a 3-year premium support period and a 3-year extended limited warranty.


An American business called Frontpoint has been offering security services for over ten years. Although they have expanded into Canada, they are still active in the United States. Utilizing modern technology to make homes safer, smarter, and easier to live in, they strive to continuously develop and enhance the home security business.

This company’s main selling point is that you can self-install all of its equipment, saving you money on installation expenses. This is one of the best home automation Toronto companies in the case of smart security system providers.

Why Frontpoint for home security?

Frontpoint security is the only choice if you want the best protection when you move into your new house. You may be certain that you are in good hands since this international corporation has years of expertise in keeping homes and businesses secure.

The key selling point of Frontpoint Security is that they provide a variety of packages with everything you want to maintain your home’s security or create your own bespoke system. You are certain that this security firm has your back whether the threat is from burglars or fire.

GardaWorld Smart Security:

In 1995, GardaWorld was established as a company offering armed guard security services for home automation Toronto and all over the Canada. They increased their range of services over time to encompass cash transportation, research, consultancy, airport screening, and other things, growing to become the biggest privately held security services provider in the world.

Why Garda Security?

Despite the lack of internet evaluations for this security business, you can be sure that GardaWorld is a good choice given its experience and longevity in the field.

You may feel secure knowing that your house is secure since they regularly update their packages to match advancements in security technology.Even while you are away from home, their security solutions are made to allow you complete access to and control over your house.

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