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Nezuko’s transformation into a human takes place during the Sunrise Countdown Arc, part of the Final Battle Arc, and during the fight against the Demon Slayer Corps. When Nezuko awakens from her berserk state, she immediately rushes into the jungle and begins a new battle against the Demon Slayer Corps. Immediately after the transformation, she appears to be drawn to Tanjiro, although she is aware of his death.

Nezuko’s demonic form

During her demonic form, Nezuko has heightened physical strength and combat abilities. When she is in this form, she can also change size and height. Typically, she can shrink down to the size of a child or even a small box. However, sometimes she will enlarge to a larger size. This enables her to use her demonic abilities to a greater extent and attack Hantengu more effectively.

Before transforming into her demonic form, Nezuko was a kind and compassionate girl. She put her family and friends before herself. During her demonic transformation, she has gained enough confidence to protect her family and her brother from harm. She is also able to retain her protective traits, which are key to her fights against other demons.

The demon crests on Nezuko’s body are green and vine-like, and her overall strength and fighting capacity are greater than human powers. The demon crests also help her regenerate quickly, allowing her to move at incredibly fast speeds.

Her berserk state

In her Berserk state, Nezuko is much like a demon, with horns protruding from her forehead and vine tattoos all over her body. She is utterly obnoxious and craves human blood to feed on. The only person who can calm her down is Tanjiro, who sings her a lullaby from her mother and restores her to a normal state.

Her berserk state is a unique state, because she retains some of her human consciousness. The full Demon form has the ability to withstand attack after attack, and her speed makes her an extremely effective fighter. In addition to her berserk state, Nezuko also has the ability to manipulate her size to avoid being hit by other demons.

When threatened, Nezuko can transform into her demon form. This demonic form features a green vine-like pattern, several veins, and a horn on her right forehead. The horns are an indication of her fighting ability, and she is able to resist sunlight. However, this demon form comes with a price.

Her ability to enter a berserk state

As a full demon, Nezuko has the ability to enter a berzerk state and greatly increase her fighting ability. This ability is only available if Nezuko is feeding on human blood and can only be restored to her normal form by Tanjiro singing a song. Using this state is extremely beneficial for Nezuko since it significantly enhances her physical abilities and greatly increases her regeneration.

This ability has a variety of uses. Nezuko can shrink to the size of a child, or can enlarge into a giant demon. In her smaller form, she can easily hide from the sunlight, but she has been able to develop immunity to it, which allows her to move about during daytime without burning herself. This ability also allows her to manipulate demonic flames, which are pinkish and do significant damage to demons. While these flames are deadly for demons, they are not dangerous for humans.

Unlike most demons, Nezuko can enter a berserk state. This ability allows her to transform into a killing machine whenever she feels angry or deranged. The ability can be triggered at any time in the middle of a battle. Nezuko’s demonic form is unique in that it can also regenerate its strength while it sleeps. This makes her one of the most powerful demons in the series.

Her dual nature as a demon and a human

In the manga and anime, Nezuko possesses the dual nature of a demon and a human. The demon form gives her greater fighting power, while the human form requires her to feed on human blood. In addition, she can only return to her normal human form after Tanjiro sings her a song. This dual nature allows Nezuko to control her demon form while engaging in battles.

Before transforming into a demon, Nezuko was a caring human, who took care of her family and acted as their protector. However, she was demonized by Muzan after he killed her family. She spent two years in a hypnotic state before waking up. This induced her to believe that all human beings were her family. Today, Nezuko full form fights alongside Tanjiro to protect innocent people from evil demons.

During her time as a human, Nezuko was a beautiful girl, with long brown hair that turned vermilion at the elbows. She also had long eyelashes and slanted eyebrows. Her face is pretty and delicate, with soft, pink eyes and a slightly upturned nose.

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