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To truly benefit from reading the Quran, it’s important to read it in the right context. As one of the two primary Islamic sects, the Shia sect provides unique insights into the reading of this holy book that are impossible to ignore or misunderstand, regardless of your own personal beliefs. Fortunately, one of the best ways to understand this section of Islam is by attending our Shia Quran classes for kids at our online academy. This will give you and your children an opportunity to learn about Shiism in ways that are both fun and enlightening.

Who we serve
Our online academy teaches children between 4-12 years of age to read, recite, and understand the Quran. We are an accredited program that provides a rigorous curriculum in both English and Arabic to ensure our learners reach their full potential. In addition, we offer a range of flexible payment plans to meet your family’s needs. Our program is designed for children who want to learn about Islam by mastering its Holy Book. We focus on teaching them how to read and recite the Quran in Arabic and how to understand its meaning in English.

What we offer
If you are looking to teach your child, or even yourself, about Islam’s holy book, our online academy is the place for you! We offer a variety of courses that will help you learn more about Islam and its teachings. You can start by learning about how to read the Quran, before moving on to other topics such as basic Islamic vocabulary. You can enroll in an online course today and get started on your journey towards enlightenment!

How do we teach
We believe in providing the best education to our children. With this in mind, we offer high-quality online Quran classes for kids. We have a trained team of teachers who will teach you and your children everything they need to know about Islam. They are also fluent in several languages so that they can cater to any student’s needs. We understand that it is important for parents to oversee their children’s learning process and that is why we offer live webinars every week where parents can participate in the class while teaching their children themselves.

How this benefits your child
As we all know, these days kids are exposed to a lot of negativity and bad influences that may change their beliefs and way of thinking. It is our duty as parents to provide them with a healthy environment and make sure they have a strong foundation in their faith. One of the best ways to do this is by teaching them about Islam through various methods. Teaching your kids how to read Arabic will also help them later on in life when they want to study more deeply or go into Islamic law. Plus, it’s a great way for them to connect with their culture and religion!

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