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When you go to buy a ring or other jewelry item, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? The stones, of course! But do you know what all those tiny gems mean? In this article, we will explore the different types of certified gemstones and explain what each one means. From synthetic gems to natural gems, we’ll cover it all. So whether you’re looking to buy your next piece of jewelry or just want to be informed, read on for all the details.

What are Certified Gemstones?

Certified Gemstones in India are minerals that have been inspected and graded by a recognized authority in the industry. The grades assigned to a stone denote its quality and purity. By law, all gemstones sold in the U.S. must be Certified. Fewer than 10% of all gemstones sold in the world are certified, but this number is growing due to consumer demand for quality materials.

There are two main types of certification: GIA and AGS. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the oldest and most respected certification organization, awarding certificates to more than 95% of all stones sold worldwide. AGS (American Gem Society) is a newer organization that has awarded certificates to almost twice as many stones as GIA. The major differences between GIA and AGS certification are that GIA focuses on fine gems while AGS certifies lesser quality stones.

The main use for certified gems is as jewelry components or raw materials for other jewelers. However, there are also several other uses for certified gems such as scientific research, watchmaking, and industrial applications.

What is a GIA Grading Scale?

What is a GIA Grading Scale?

A gemological grading scale is a system that assigns a numeric value to the quality of a gemstone. The scale ranges from 1 (the poorest quality) to 10 (the highest quality). The number assigned to a particular gemstone depends on its grade and rarity.

There are several different grading scales in use today, but the most common one is the GIA or Gemological Institute of America grading scale. This scale ranges from 1 (the poorest quality) to 10 (the highest quality).

Gemstones that are graded using the GIA scale are assigned a letter grade, with A being the highest grade and Z being the lowest. Here’s a list of all the grades and what they represent:

Grade Description

A Very Good Quality

B Good Quality

C Average Quality

D Poor Quality

F Fair Quality

G Poor Quality

H Very Poor Quality

I Never Graded

J Not evaluated

K Ungraded

L Graduate Level Only

M Ungraded

N Not for Sale

P Promotional Item Only

Q Quantity Limited

R Rarely Seen

S Strictly Private Collection

T Test Piece

U Unclassified

V Valuable

W Insignificant

What is a CIK?

Certified stones are gems that have been graded by a third-party organization, such as the Gemological Institute of America (GIA), and have met specific quality standards. The main benefit of certified stones is that they are guaranteed to be of high quality. There are also several certifications available, including American Diamond Standards (ADS), British Premium Quality Gems (BPHG), and the Canadian GEMEx Standards.

A few things to keep in mind when purchasing a certified stone: first, make sure you’re buying from a reputable source; second, always inspect the stone yourself to ensure its quality; and finally, if you ever have any questions or concerns about the stone’s authenticity, don’t hesitate to contact the certifying organization.

What is a GHI?

What is a GHI?

Gem identification is an important part of the jeweler’s trade, and certification is one way to verify the quality of gems. The Global Gem and Jewelry Industry Institute (GGHI) was founded in 2000 as a global resource for gem identification and certification. GHI offers its members more than 20 internationally recognized gemstone certifications, including five diamond certifications.

To be certified by GHI, a gem must meet rigorous standards for quality, clarity, Belle color and cut. In addition to gemstones, GHI also certifies jewelry made from precious metals and stones.

There are several reasons you might want to certify your gems. For example, if you sell your gems through an online marketplace or auction site, being certified by GHI can help ensure that buyers know the quality of your products. Additionally, being certified by GHI can make it easier to find reputable vendors who carry your gems and jewelry.

To learn more about GHI certification or to get started getting certified yourself, visit

What is an AGS?

An AGS is an à la carte certification program offered by the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA). It is designed for retail jewelers who wish to certify their own stones. AGS provides a simple, cost-effective way for jewelers to verify the authenticity of their own stones and to differentiate their products from counterfeit stones.

The process of becoming an AGS certifier is straightforward and requires only a small amount of investment in lab time and equipment. After completing an online training course, participants must pass a written examination. Once certified, participants are eligible to use the AGS logo on their products and marketing materials.

There are several benefits to becoming an AGS certifier. First, it can help businesses distinguish their products from those of counterfeiters. Second, it can provide customers with assurance that the stones they are purchasing are authentic and genuine. Finally, it can boost sales by providing jewelers with a unique selling point that sets them apart from their competition.

What is a JSK?

A JSK, or Jewelry Specifications Guide, is a guide that helps manufacturers create jewelry using precious metals and gemstones. It contains specific information about the dimensions and weight of components used in jewelry, as well as recommended finishes and care instructions.

The JSK was first developed in the early 1900s to ensure consistent quality when creating jewelry. Over time, it has evolved to include more detailed standards for everything from the type of metal used to the type of gemstone used. Today, a JSK is an essential resource for anyone looking to buy jewelery online or in person.


Gemstones have a long and colorful history, and certified gemstones are just one example of the beautiful things gems can do. Certified gemstones come with a stamp of approval from an independent body, which means they have been tested for quality and accuracy. If you’re looking to buy a precious stone but aren’t sure what to look for, or if you want to make sure you’re getting the best possible deal, certified gemstones could be the answer.

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