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Students like to believe that they are good at writing and they might be good at writing fiction or biographies but there is a huge difference between academic writing and a fictional one. Academic writing has so many rules to follow and above all, a lot of research to do. As Elliot Colla said;

“Academic writing you have to get right. In fiction, you have to get plausible. And there is a world of difference.”

You cannot play with words when it comes to academic writing because everything needs to be proved with facts and logic in this form of writing. Hypothetically speaking; if a student can write 500 words in an hour then the same student will take two to three hours to complete an academic project of 500 words.  It is because a lot of research has to be done on academic projects. This is why students Buy Assignment services, essay help, and dissertation assistance from online sources.  

Assignment writing:

Assignment writing is the academic form of writing in which a student is meant to discuss the given topic with facts and pieces of evidence. A statement is assigned to the student and a student is meant to write in favor of or opposed to the given statement as per his opinion while stating references to prove his point of view.

Online academic writing services:

Lately; the trend of buying writing services from online platforms is quite prominent among students. These online platforms are not only offering their writing assistance but are also providing editing and proofreading services. Multiple types of online academic writing services are being provided through these platforms varying from London Assignment Help to British essay writing services.

Reasons for buying online assignment writing services:

In this age of competition, students face many challenges in their academics which sometimes create barriers on their way to success. Academic help providers offer complete assistance to the students to remove such barriers and get them to achieve their academic and future goals (bestassignmentwriters, 2022). Different students have different reasons for buying different kinds of academic writing services. Most of the students opt for assignment writing help because of the following reasons:

1.      Extensive project:

As assignment writing is an extensive academic project with a word limit varying from 2500 to 3500 so students opt for online writing services to get their projects done.

2.      Time & effort taking:

Due to the complexities and the requirements of assignment writing, a lot of time and effort has to be invested to complete an assignment which is why students prefer to take help from professional writers.

3.      Research-based:

A through research is done by professional writers who make sure that the reader could take away something productive from the assignment.

4.      Guaranteed good grades:

As professional writers provide such exceptional content and strictly follow all the rules of writing so they guarantee that the students will get a grade of A in the respective project.

5.      Plagiarism-free:

Most online assignment writing service providers also attach a report of assuring the reader that the particular assignment is free from any sort of plagiarism.

6.      Relieves academic load:

When a student knows that a professional writer is doing his assignment on his behalf then he feels relieved and stress-free. It improves the student’s mental health and retains their interest in their studies. There is the challenge of making students write original term papers where they arrive at original conclusions (E.Helmy, 2016)so the assignment help relieves this academic stress.

The standard cost of buying assignment help:

Even though the cost of buying assignment writing help from online platforms differs from platform to platform depending upon the services provided and the expertise of the writers still, a standard cost of assignment writing help starts from twelve dollars to fifty dollars. Following are some of the factors that are kept into consideration while setting the price of assignment help:

  • Word limit.
  • Deadline or submission date.
  • Writer’s popularity.
  • Topic complexity.
  • Additional services (editing, proofreading, etc).
  • Complete assignment or assignment chapter help.

Is it worth it to buy assignment assistance?

It is completely worth it to buy assignment writing services from online platforms as it is a sure-shot way of attaining exceptional percentages without you having to put any effort into it except for investing your money.

Things to consider before buying assignment help:

Even though; buying assignment writing help from an online platform is extremely helpful but there are some such points that students must consider before placing their order. These points are as follows:

  • Make sure that the site from where you are going to buy assignment writing services is reliable enough for you to invest your money because there are a lot of scam sites out there as well.
  • Check for the cost of the site before placing your order so that the charges won’t come as a shock for you later on.
  • See the terms and conditions of the site that whether the site is offering editing and proofreading services along with assignment writing help or not.
  • Another thing to consider before placing your order is to see if the particular site has expert writers who can provide you with professional writing services.

Affordable assignment writing service providers:

There are two main things that students look for in online sites before placing their order, which are;

  1. Quality of the writing service.
  2. Affordability of the writing service.

Following are some such assignment writing help providers who perfectly fit into the above-mentioned requirements of the students:

  • Best assignment writer.
  • Thesis writing help.
  • The assignment help.
  • The research guardian.


Students of this decade are fortunate to have the assistance of professional writers who offer their professional services for the completion of various academic projects including assignments, essays, and dissertation writing. There are various factors that a student must look into before buying assignment writing help. Hopefully, the above-mentioned post will help the students in placing their order for assignment help.  


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