Rowan Atkinson is one of the greatest and most famous comedians of all time. His character of Mr. Bean has shown him to be a master of physical comedy akin to a modern-day Charlie Chaplin, while his humorous deadpan monologues illustrate his expert use of language and timing. 

His personal life, however, hasn’t gotten quite the same amount of press as his career. In fact, he seems to keep his family life fairly private. But now, one of his children has broken into the mainstream and made a name for herself. Join us as we explore the life of Rowan Atkinson’s daughter, Lily Sastry.

Who Is Rowan Atkinson?

Rowan Atkinson is an English comedian who is best known for playing the long-running character of Mr. Bean, as well as the titular character in the sitcom Blackadder

Before he started in comedy, Rowan’s career trajectory looked like it was going to take him someplace completely different. He received a degree in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University, then took a Master of Science in Electrical Engineering at The Queen’s College, Oxford. He was in the middle of an Electrical Engineering Ph.D. program when fame struck.

Where Did Lily Sastry Grow Up?

Lily grew up with her parents in the countryside. They had several homes, including one in Northamptonshire and one in Oxfordshire, and at some point, she went to a boarding school in Oundle. She’s a British national by birth.

What Is Lily Sastry’s Career?

Like her father, Lily is a performer, though a very different kind than Rowan! She’s a burlesque dancer and cabaret singer, who first performed in a sold-out show at The Pheasantry in 2016.