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Digital menu boards provide an innovative way to display menus, specials, and more. When used effectively, they can be an attractive addition to any restaurant’s decor and make it easier for customers to find the food they want quickly and efficiently. Whether you’re looking to enhance your customer experience or save space on your countertops, KiwiSign digital menu boards can be the perfect solution for you!

1) Encourages Customers To Order More:

Digital menu boards
offer a variety of benefits to restaurateurs, from increased revenue to improved customer experience. Here are five ways digital menu boards can enhance your restaurant’s dining experience.
Digital menu boards provide an interactive experience for customers that can increase the number of orders placed by up to 30%. A digital menu board will not only display the food and drink options available, but also allow customers to order from their table with just a few clicks. This new convenience means people spend less time waiting in line at the register and more time enjoying their meals.
Customers who order off a digital menu board are much more satisfied with their dining experience overall.

2) Enhances Branding:

Digital menu boards can enhance your restaurant’s branding by displaying photos and specials. Plus, they’re a great way to showcase new items on the menu. KiwiSign makes it easy to update your menus with a quick click of the mouse. Our menu board controller is plug-and-play and comes with our industry-leading software so you can start updating your menus right away.
KiwiSign’s digital menu board software enhances the dining experience for today’s restaurant customers by making it easier for customers to find what they want and need without waiting in line or being interrupted by staff, while also enhancing your restaurant’s branding and highlighting new items on the menu.

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3) Generates Interest In Special Deals:

Digital menu boards are a great way to help people find what they want. You can use our plug-and-play menu board controller and easy-to-use online software to display menus, photos, and special pricing for your customers. This will give them more of an interest in purchasing your food, which is perfect for any restaurant looking to boost its sales.
Plus, digital menu boards can be updated quickly and easily with the click of a button so you never have to worry about getting behind on information that is relevant to your customers.
Digital menu boards also make it easier for those with allergies or other dietary restrictions.

4) Improves Customer Satisfaction:

Digital menu boards can improve customer satisfaction by offering a more interactive dining experience. Customers may be more likely to order an item that they see is on sale or popular, and digital menu boards are easy for customers to navigate. Plus, with the plug-and-play menu board controller, installing a digital menu board is quick and easy!
1) Menu Board Controller
2) Interactive Display
3) Patrons Have More Choices
4) Easy to Navigate
5) Quick Install

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