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Rosemary is a fragrant spice utilized as a seasoning in various dishes, like soups, goulashes, mixed greens, and stews. Rosemary is frequently joined with chicken and other poultry, sheep, pork, steak, and fish, particularly slick fish. It likewise works out in a good way for oats, mushrooms, onions, peas, potatoes, and spinach.

Rosemary has a long history of both culinary and therapeutic use. It develops in bushes with wood-like stems and short, pine-like needles, and the plant has white, pink, purple, or blue blossoms. Despite the fact that it looks like pine in both appearance and smell, rosemary is really an individual from the herbal family Lamiaceae, alongside wise and mint. Rosemary is an enduring evergreen that is in many cases developed as a fancy bush due to its capacity to endure cruel circumstances.

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New Versus Dried

Since rosemary has a low dampness content in any event, when it is new, it holds its flavor in the wake of drying. Dried rosemary has much harder leaves and may be squashed or cleaved prior to adding to recipes (one way or the other, follow the recipe).

What does it have an aftertaste like?

Rosemary has a flavor that is differently depicted as pine, resinous, astringent, peppery, lemony, and woodsy. It has notes of evergreen, citrus, lavender, sage, and mint.

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Cooking With Rosemary

Wash and dry the new twigs of rosemary in cool running water. Recipes as a rule call for entire leaves, which are effectively taken out from the woody stems. An entire branch of rosemary can be added to stews and meat dishes.

Rosemary is much of the time used to prepare meats, particularly sheep, pork, and chicken. Destroyed rosemary can be added to bread or roll mixture, and will imbue its flavor during cooking. Potatoes, beans, and lentils additionally pair well with rosemary. Henna can be very strong and is hence less generally utilized.

Since both new and dried rosemary can have an intense, pine-needle-like surface, it is generally cleaved or squashed with a mortar and pestle prior to adding it to dishes. Rosemary branches can be left with the stem in salvageable shape, added to soups and stews, and afterward eliminated prior to serving.

To eliminate leaves from a rosemary stem, just squeeze the tip of the stem and pull it back toward the base and the leaves ought to pull away without any problem. The leaves are generally additionally sliced to forestall utilizing bigger, harder bits of the spice.

Rosemary alongside different spices can be utilized to season olive oil and cheeses. The well-known mix of rosemary and olive oil has tracked down its direction into saltines, chips, and delicate cheddar spreads. Rosemary and dark pepper have likewise turned into an in-vogue connoisseur flavor blend.


Rosemary tastes interesting, so subbing an alternate spice will make an alternate flavor profile. So, spices like thyme, sage, marjoram, flavorful, and tarragon can be filled in for rosemary. Simply make certain to utilize a new spice where the new variant of rosemary is called for and dried for dryness. Spice mixes, for example, Spice de Provence, which is weighty on dried rosemary, can likewise be utilized instead of the dried rendition.

Once in a while, you might have to substitute new rosemary for the dried rendition, or the other way around. To do this, one teaspoon of dried is equivalent to one teaspoon of new. Note that the dried form should be added right on time to a recipe, while the new variant is gone toward the finish of the cooking time.

Where To Purchase Rosemary

You can find dried rosemary in the flavor segment of a supermarket. New rosemary might be sold in the product segment with different spices, frequently in bundles or in little bundles containing a couple of branches.

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