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There are a number of social networks where you can meet new people and share interests. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace and MocoSpace are all popular options for networking. These sites allow users to communicate with others both publicly and privately, and they allow you to post content and share photos.


MySpace began as an online music community. It allowed musicians to post music to their pages directly, sell merchandise, and promote shows. It also allowed them to interact with fans. At the time, music and social networking were not mutually exclusive, and a person could become a fan of another person without even meeting them.

MySpace is free to join and create a profile. However, companies such as Victoria’s Secret pay MySpace to promote their brands. For example, the celebrity chef Dane Cook has a MySpace group with 167,000 members, and his fans can express their affinity to friends who have similar tastes. Abercrombie & Fitch also has a fan-created group with 167,000 members that doesn’t involve the retailer. MySpace has a huge advertising business. Google has signed a deal to pay the site $250 million a year to sell ads to its users. It is also rolling out ad-targeting technologies.


Twitter is a popular social media site where users from all over the world can interact and share information. As of December 2017, over 500 million people worldwide use Twitter. The top three accounts are @BarackObama, @JustinBieber, and @CristianoRonaldo. CNN Breaking News is one of the top five news organizations on Twitter, with 61 million followers.

The site offers a wide range of features and functionality. You can comment on posts, like them, and send direct messages to individuals or groups. You can also use Twitter for advertising. The primary focus of Twitter marketing is to increase brand awareness and interact with your target audience. For example, you can “like” comments on your products or services, and respond to complaints in real time.


LinkedIn is a social networking website designed to help professionals network with other professionals. Members can search for jobs, find connections, and read news about business and society around the world. The site has plenty of statistics that marketers can use to create exciting campaigns. The site launched nine months before Facebook, and it’s a great place for marketers to learn more about the latest trends.

One interesting feature on LinkedIn is the “name pronunciation” feature, which allows users to record audio clips of their own names. These audio clips can then be added to their profile. This is a great way to share information with others, while also teaching other people how to pronounce their names correctly. It also allows users to listen to the pronunciation of another user’s name by clicking on the “audio” icon next to the name.

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