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NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) – A miserly duck, a vampire, and a couple of precocious children are a few of the richest fictional characters, in line with a rating using Forbes. 

But notwithstanding his wealth, McDuck nonetheless lags at the back of Microsoft founder Bill Gates by using $ fifty-three billion.

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Vampire-themed franchises have emerged as large commercial enterprises, so it’s no marvel that Carlisle Cullen, a 370-yr-old vampire from the “Twilight” books and films, who is been incomes hobby on small savings account in view that 1670, earns an income of $36.2. Came in a 2d location. Arab.

A pair of high achievers completed 1/3. Artemis Fowl II, the ex-young descendant of an Irish crime own family from Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl novels, was worth $13.Five billion, at the same time as the philanthropic aspiring comic ebook man or woman Richie Rich, totaled $9.7 billion.

Here you can find similar topics like these richest fictional characters

To qualify for the listing the characters ought to be acknowledged to be wealthy in their fictional testimonies and with the aid of their audiences.

movements of the real global,” Forbes said.

Michael Noyer, the executive editor of Special Projects, stated the list, which Forbes editors have compiled for the reason that 2005, is all approximately a laugh, the manner and the ensuing numbers are a critical business.

“We go to excellent lengths to calculate his internet well worth,” Noer stated in an interview. “It’s like we count the number of real billionaires.”

Market forces, particularly commodities, also provided some steerage.

“McDuck became up more than 30 percent that gold has achieved this yr, and his wealth is often in gold,” Noyer explained.

Similarly, Jade Clampett, the use of a bump who discovered black gold in the tv collection “The Beverly Hillbillies,” benefited from growing oil costs for an internet well worth $9.5 billion.

Mr. Monopoly, the maximum hated, mustache man or woman from the famous board game, ranked ninth with $2.6 billion. The editors decided the price of Atlantic City real estate based on its modern value and anticipated percentage of property ownership.

Scrooge McDuck Tops The List Of Richest Fictional Characters

Reminds me of the times when thrift and industry have been the hallmark of Scots before those pimply track-marked yobs of “trainspotting” had been.

A miserly duck, a vampire, and 2 precocious youngsters are the various richest fictional characters, in keeping with a Forbes ranking.

Scrooge McDuck, the “penny-pinching chicken” with a fortune in gold cash that is expected to be worth $44.1 billion, tops Forbes’ listing of the “Fantasy 15” wealthiest fictional characters.

But notwithstanding his wealth, McDuck nonetheless lags in the back of Microsoft founder Bill Gates by using $ fifty-three billion. Mr. Monopoly, the most hated, mustache character from the famous board sport, ranked 9th with $2.6 billion. The editors decided the cost of Atlantic City real estate based totally on its cutting-edge fee and envisioned percent of assets possession.

So his call is Mr. Monopoly? Really? I thought it turned into Rich Uncle Pennybags. Parker Brothers modified the call in the ’90s, due to the fact “Mr. Monopoly” reinforces the emblem higher than Uncle Pennybags. People can be gambling on Monopoly and forget the call of the game, but then they take a look at the field and ” “Mr.” person sees “Monopoly”.

Topping the list these 12 months: Scrooge McDuck, the billionaire chicken who keeps a maximum of his $65.4 billion in gold cash, perched excessive inside a Duckburgh cash bin. The global’s richest duck commenced out in enterprise whilst he turned into “just a nipper”, polishing shoes on the streets of his local Glasgow; Today he is the owner of a number of the biggest mining companies in the international. Famously being profitable, Scrooge nonetheless has the first penny he’s ever earned.

Fiction’s 2nd richest character, the reclusive pink-gold dragon Smaug, spent a while hiding in his Lonely Mountain lair atop a horde of $54.1 billion worth of valuables. But “Smaug the Tremendous” has been pushed into the limelight of late, after agreeing to seem in Peter Jackson’s trilogy of The Hobbit movies; He now spends his days at the distinctive Chateau Marmont in Hollywood.

Other wealthy listing perennials encompass billionaire playboy Tony Stark. An engineering genius who earned two grasp’s stages with the aid of the age of nineteen, Stark’s extremely good innovations (which include “Iron Man” combat armor) regularly outweigh his ability to motivate controversy. His cutting-edge foible: publicly threatening a terrorist named The Mandarin, who spoke back by using destroying Stark’s Malibu mansion. Still, billionaire Playboy’s internet worth has sincerely increased yr over 12 months to $12.Four billion, in step with Stark Industries CEO (and a current Forbes cowl story). Subject) Thanks for the lead on Paper Potts.

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