When it comes to country-wide parks, the USA has its fair share of iconic ones. From the Grand Canyon to Yellowstone to Yosemite, the National Park Service acknowledges several of America’s most epic landscapes and ecosystems with its 63 country-wide parks—and that’s no longer even counting the 350+ additional monuments, monuments, historic parks, and more Who manages the NPS.

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1. Zion National Park

If you are heading into southern Utah from Las Vegas (that’s the direction I suggest on my Southwest street journey itinerary), Zion National Park might be the primary park you come across. It became a national park in 1919, and plenty cites it as their favored countrywide park in America. (It’s truely certainly one of my favorites too!)

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Getting Around: You can force east up the Mount Carmel Highway to Zion wherein it connects with US 89 any time of 12 months (and I really recommend this drive – it’s terrific!), But to peer the relaxation of Zion Canyon, you’ll use Zion’s free go-back and forth provider to get around from March to October. You can park at the traveler center or in nearby downtown Springdale and use shuttles to get to the various trailheads and lookouts. (More go back and forth records here.)

2. Bryce Canyon National Park

The next park along the Utah National Parks path is Bryce Canyon, handy via US 89 from Zion. Although it is also packed with sandstone like Zion, the rocks right here are completely distinct.

Getting Around: During the summer season months, a free go back and forth takes traffic to all of Bryce’s famous viewpoints, but it’s now not obligatory right here like in Zion. You also can drive yourself via Bryce, and forestall at all viewpoints – just watch out for capacity snow/snow all through fall, winter and spring, as Bryce is at a better altitude.

3. Capitol Reef National Park

As far as country-wide parks are involved, the bad Capitol Reef is the park maximum frequently visited in Utah. If you head east from Bryce on UT-12 and UT-24, you’ll pressure thru a section of Capitol Reef beginning in downtown Torrey—however, not many humans prevent via.

If Capitol Reef become in another kingdom, it probably might have been truly popular! But, in Utah, additionally, it is the park wherein humans spend the least amount of time. (And I’m guilty of that too!)

Getting Around: Self-using is an exceptional way to discover Canyonland, mainly in case you need to visit more than one part of the park. (There are approximately 60 miles of road between Island inside the Sky and the Needles front, as an example.)

4. Canyonlands National Park

Then there may be Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah near the city of Moab. Canyonlands is simply divided into 3 distinct sections: Island within the Sky, The Needles, and The Maze, and it has principal traveler facilities (one Island inside the Sky, and one within the Needles).

Getting Around: Self-riding is a pleasant manner to explore Canyonland, mainly if you want to visit more than one part of the park. (There are about 60 miles of the road between Island within the Sky and the Needles front, for example.)

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5. Arches National Park

The ultimate of the Mighty five National Parks is Arches, which is likewise near Moab in southeastern Utah. This park may be very exclusive from the other 4 on this listing, and I additionally assume it is one of the handiest as it is the simplest 15 mins from Moab and complete of quick, easy walks to see the well-known arches.

Getting Around: There are no shuttles at Arches, so you’ll want your very own vehicle to explore the 18-mile-long scenic road thru the park.

If you have a day: In the morning, discover the scenic avenue and prevent at a few perspectives/quick walk – Park Avenue, Balanced Rock, Windows Section, and Double Arch could be my top preference. In the evening, hit the trail out for the Delicate Arch, the maximum famous arch in the park and the symbol of the nation of Utah. The climb is hard, so allow yourself 1-1. Five hours to attain the arch at sundown. At sunset, the sun paints the sensitive arch an exceptional rusty orange hue.