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Data can be grouped on the premise of qualitative or quantitative factors of the statistics accumulated. Generally, statistics can be labeled into different types as given below,

  • qualitative facts
  • quantitative information

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Qualitative Facts – 

As the call suggests a first-rate and nice way to have strong point. Qualitative facts are a sort of activity that may be discovered and recorded. For instance gender, smartphone number, citizenship, and many others. Qualitative data is further categorized as: 

1. Nominal Data – It is a type of data in most cases utilized in naming or labeling or category of something. It is also called “named statistics”. For instance gender, use of caste, eye coloration, hair color, hair, etc. An instance is shown within the discern underneath:

2. Ordinal Data – This is a kind of information this is each named, ordered, and a scale (range) is used. For instance ranking in 1st, 2d, and 3rd magnificence. An example is proven because of the photograph beneath:

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Quantitative Data – 

As the call suggests it is associated with quantity and quantity is related to numbers. It is likewise known as numerical statistics. For example range of bananas in a dozen, the number of candies in a field, and so forth.

Quantitative information is in addition categorized into:

1. Discrete data – This sort of statistic assumes values ​​that may be counted such as the range of fruits on a tree, the number of college students in a category, etc. An instance is shown in the figure under:

2. Continuous records – This type of record takes on unique values ​​that can be measured and fall below a selected class which includes weight, length, temperature, velocity, etc. An example is proven in the photo underneath:

Primary And Secondary Records

Primary Data: Primary statistics is a sort of record that is amassed by the person. For instance, data entered through a scholar in a laboratory test, a trainer taking an oral check and writing marks, letters, information, autobiographies, and so forth.

Secondary Data: Secondary record is a type of data that is accumulated using a person else and used somewhere else. For instance, any other teacher the use the marks acquired within the oral take a look at evaluation, newspapers, encyclopedias, biographies, and so on.

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Physical attributes like age, height, weight, and so forth.

Data coping refers back to the technique of gathering, recording, and offering data in a way this is helpful to others. Data is commonly represented in the shape of pictographs, bar graphs, pie charts, histograms, line graphs, etc. The distinct ways of representing the facts are given below:

  • pictograph
  • pie chart
  • bar graph
  • line graph
  • histogram


A pictogram is an illustration of information through the use of multiple photos or symbols. “In arithmetic, pictograms generally discover utility in standards that consist of document coping with. They assist to provide thought for the interpretation of data based totally on pictographic records.

For example, the pictogram underneath suggests information for distinctive sorts of pizza that have been ordered on a random day.

Pie Chart

Pie charts are any other sort of graph used to visually represent statistics in circular graphs. Pie charts are one of the maxima generally used graphs to symbolize data, using the abilities of circles, regions, and angular facts to symbolize real-world statistics. Pie charts are circularly constructed charts that report discrete information so that pies represent an entire and slices constitute a part of the entire.

For instance, the pie chart model beneath suggests records on unique types of favorite candies with the assistance of young people inside the faculty.

Bar Graph

Bar graphs are an averaging approach to document representation using rectangular bars, in which the period of every bar is proportional to the fee represented with the help of the bar. Bar graphs are moreover known as pictorial representations of grouped records. Bar graphs are one of these examples of data that may be a super tool to deal with when representing statistics independent of every other and do now not want to be in any precise order whilst represented.

For instance, the bar graph suggests records of the number of employees in specific departments of Cmath Inc.

Line Graph

A line graph is a unique form of a graph that is used to represent time as a chain of associated information elements thru immediately line segments at the axes. Line graphs, additionally referred to as line charts, assist determine the connection between two devices of fee, which one discern is typically dependent on the alternative.

They are useful in displaying statistical elements and styles. Line diagrams can create future expectancies about the results of records that might be now not recorded.

For example, the road graph beneath shows the biometrics of grade 7 college students inside the scholarship examination for 12 months from 2010-2016. Suggests percentage figures.


A histogram is described as a graph that includes rigid and fast rectangles with bases having durations between rectangular boundaries. Each rectangle represents a few forms of fact and all rectangles are adjoining. Rectangles have equal height and are proportional to the corresponding frequencies of various classes. For example, the bar graph shows the information on the alternatives of a selected enjoyment among human beings.

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