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How do you pronounce Noorani Qaida correctly? Is there a difference between Tajweed and Tajweed ul Quran? In this basic Noorani Qaida guide, learn the basics of pronouncing Noorani Qaida correctly as well as the history of how we’ve come to where we are with our understanding of how to read Quran in the way it was meant to be read. Start Learn Noorani Qaida with us today.

What is Tajweed?
Tajweed is the recitation of the Holy Quran. It is an Arabic word meaning to beautify and it refers to the rules for reciting the Quran. These rules are so that when people recite the Quran, they do so in a way that the words are clear and understandable, as well as beautiful to listen to. The goal of Tajweed is to make reading of Quranic verses more enjoyable and make them easier to comprehend.

What is the structure of courses?

All courses on Pak Quran Online follow the same structure: The students will watch a video on their screen with detailed commentary on it; they will then complete one or two exercises related to what they learned in the video; finally, they will answer questions based on what they learned in both video and exercise. How often do I need to practice?: At least five minutes per day!
Why choose Quran Academy?
Pak Quran Academy has been working in the field of Islamic Education since 2005. We offer an innovative, child-friendly approach to teaching the Quran to students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Our teachers are highly qualified experts in their fields who have studied the Quran from a variety of perspectives. They are able to answer any questions you might have about Islam or the Quran with compassion, clarity, and intelligence.

Basic Recitation Rules
1) Consonant sounds should be followed by a short pause, known as a ṣalawāt. This is the most important rule in Arabic recitation.
2) When two or more consonants are next to each other and one is a stop, the sound should be prolonged for just enough time to create an easy flow from one letter to the next.
3) All letters must be enunciated fully and clearly.

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