Bogota is the biggest metropolis and capital of Colombia. It is one of the 3 highest altitude towns in South America. The town is normally divided into north and south. The northern part of the town is more wealthy than the southern component.

Despite its equatorial elevation, Bogotá has never been crushed with the aid of its elevation of 2,640 meters, which reflects a combination of cutting-edge architecture and Spanish colonial structure. Click here

When Did Bogota Grow To Be The Capital?

Bogotá turned into founded in 1538 by Gonzalo Jiménez de Quesada. The city’s call comes from the Bachata, the inhabitants of the Muisca Indians. Bogotá became firstly founded two times. For the first time, on August 6, 1538, the second and legitimate enterprise happened on April 27, 1539. This changed when Quesada and Sebastián de Belalcázar and Nicolas Fedor Mann complied with the phrases of the Spanish throne by way of establishing a mayor and council, defining streets and mayors, and defining the Plaza Mayor. Where Bogotá turned into based in 1538 is now the Plaza de Bolivar Primada Cathedral.

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In 1717 Bogota have become the capital of the Spanish colony of New Granada and even after its independence from Spain remained the capital of the united states of America. It become not right now clear whether or not Bogota would be the capital of Colombia due to its distance from the sea. The plateau turned into domestic to the native Indian Muisca, a community of farmers, and turned to colonial exertions in abundance. This economic profit turned into the capital of the united states of America. The colonial metropolis can nonetheless be discovered within the Candelaria vicinity.

The city is considered now not most effective the capital of Colombia, however also a part of the Cundinamarca segment, even though it isn’t officially a part of it. Cundinamarca is the handiest segment whose capital is defined by using the countrywide charter. This method that the restoration of capital requires a constitutional change, not a simple selection of the main meeting.

Bogota’s Specialty

The floor place is four,251 square kilometers. The climate of Bogota is classed as temperate oceanic weather. The common annual temperature is 14.5 °C. The driest months are December, January, July, and August. March is the most up-to-date month. The most up-to-date months are April, May, September, October, and November.

Colombia’s big geography consists of extra than 1, six hundred rivers. Frequent rainfall is likewise an aspect of the number of rivers. Its land is rich in each underground assets and agricultural products. The most critical is the underground money emerald. Emerald is the first in the world in terms of manufacturing and export. Colombia, which has huge wealth in phrases of oil, herbal gas, coal, iron, nickel, gold, and copper, is the united states that sell the maximum coal to America. Of course, the first area amongst agricultural merchandise is Colombian espresso.

The first issue for Bogota to be privy to is the metropolis. Since the city has a terrible reputation in terms of security, it’s miles a city where police and soldiers and frame demonstrations are organized anywhere. However, Colombia is the country with the best level of schooling in Latin America. There are 360 ​​universities in Colombia and seventy-two of them are placed in Bogota.

Important Places To Visit In Bogota

The city of Bogota isn’t always a town that offers a lot of alternatives for traveler attractions to spend a long time in. The town is likewise a piece intimidating for the vacationers who’re dealing with issues from the security point of view. The locations to visit in Bogotá are Colonial Quarter, Plaza de Bolivar, and Museo Botero.

What To Do In Bogota?

Bogotá, as a town for everybody, gives many extraordinary activities that make it an excellent tourist destination. One of these activities is to discover Colombia’s history and its importance. To research more about Colombia’s history, you could head downtown, where you may discover the Plaza de Bolivar, the Primatial Cathedral, and the Casa de Narino, which houses the Colombian authorities.

You can also go to tourist destinations such as the heart of Bogota and the neighborhood of La Candelaria, the ancient epicenter. There you will discover outstanding mansions constructed in the colonial generation, as well as a unique bohemian environment within the mythical Plaza del Choro de Quevedo, an area you will need to visit whilst you arrive in Colombia’s capital.

You also can visit important museums which include the National Museum of Colombia, the Museum of Modern Art of Bogota (MAMBO), the Maloca Interactive Center, and the Gould Museum, which houses a big collection of objects from pre-Hispanic cultures.