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DrChrono EHR, a digital technology company that focuses on health and wellness, is located in the United States. They offer cloud-based billing and health care software. They also offer a range of Web-based apps. Support is available for all products and services.

Interface that is user-friendly

DrChrono EHR might be a good choice if you are looking for an EHR. It is the most recent practice management and charting software. It is easy to use and learn. DrChrono features include customizable templates and an Apple Watch native application. Credentialing with third parties is also possible. The software is compatible with both iOS and Android platforms.

DrChrono EHR started as an iPad app. However, it was converted to a Universal app recently, which makes it compatible with both iPad and iPhone. The interface of the iPad is larger and has a more intuitive design.


DrChrono, a popular EHR/billing software that has over 4,600 independent medical practices, is highly regarded. It is a great choice for doctors, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. Deyan has been fascinated by technology his whole life and has held various IT positions. Deyan also enjoys traveling and discovering new places. He enjoys making Island Paradise cocktails in his spare time.

DrChrono EHR can be used by doctors and staff on both iPad and iPhone. It allows them to manage patient intakes, clinical charting and billing as well as revenue cycle management. It also offers customizable medical forms, electronic prescribing and scheduling tools. The App Directory contains a wide range of mobile apps for developers and physicians.


It is important to consider the features and costs of DrChrono’s EHR when evaluating its cost. Hardware, maintenance and upgrades are included in the DrChrono EHR. The software will cost you at least $1,200.

DrChrono can be used on iOS devices but not Android. Apple products are preferred by medical professionals, but some doctors may prefer Android devices. You might want to see if DrChrono offers an Android app.

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DrChrono EHR works with iPhone and iPad. You can communicate online with your patients and reduce no-shows. Pre-populated billing codes reduce the amount of time required to enter data and bill. You can also see the status of your claim in real time. It has denial analysis and HCFA reporting capabilities.

DrChrono can be used by any size medical practice. You can use it to create electronic medical records or medical billing. There are four pricing options. Every plan offers different levels of EHR capabilities. You have the option to either take a free trial or upgrade to a plan that offers additional features.

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