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Rupin Pass is a high-altitude trekking spot that can be found over the Himalayan Mountain range of Himachal Pradesh. It is located on a traditional shepherding and climbing route that starts in Uttarakhand at Dhaula and ends in Sangla, Himachal Pradesh. The Rupin Pass Trek is an amazing journey that will bring you to the heart of nature. The trek is like a paradise filled with the breathtaking beauty of nature. Rupin Pass Trek offers a variety of sightseeing options, including hanging villages, deep forests, and cold grassland, as well as snow bridges, valleys, and snowfields.

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Rupin pass trek requires energy and physical endurance. Rupin pass trek is best visited in May, June, or September. It can also experience snowfall or rainfall depending on the weather conditions.

Tale of 2 Backpackers

Trekking is an adventure activity that should be on everyone’s bucket lists. Like others, we had also included the rupin pass trekking on our bucket list. We finally made it to Rupin pass trekking in June after canceling two to three other plans. The most exciting experience we had in our lives was Rupin pass trekking. Rupin pass trekking is an eight-day journey. This is our epiphanous journey.

Day 1: Dehradun to Dhaula

Our epiphanous journey began on June 7. We were introduced to our team members at Dehradun for the first time. The total number of people was 15. We became close friends over time. Dehradun was our starting point. Dhaula is approximately 10-11 km away. We finally reached Dhaula after a long and exhausting journey. This is a beautiful location with huge trees all around. The Rupin river was where our camps were located. The rest of the day was spent getting to know our leader and our other teammates. We were from Kolkata, while our teammates came from Surat, Chennai, and Delhi.

Day 2: Dhaula and Sewa

After getting ready for our trek, we all gathered to get ready. Our trek started with a hike to Sewa, which was approximately 11kms away. After covering only a short distance, the first day was tiring. We all needed a break. After a half hour, we reached a nearby tea stall and had a short break. Everyone enjoyed tea and Maggi. After a short break, we regained our enthusiasm and reached Sewa without any problems. Sewa, a small village, is home to the main attraction: the temple. This magnificent example of Kinnauri design is the highlight of the village. We had lunch after we reached the temple. We were surprised to learn that the temple had been closed. The locals also told us that the idol from the temple was common in the 12 villages around it, so each month the item was taken to the village. After a rest, we played antaksharis and Damsharas. After having our dinner at 8 o’clock, we went to bed by 9 p.m.

Day 3: Sewa and Jiskun

We started by going down, and eventually reached the Rupin river banks. The bridge connecting Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh was next. This was the highest point of our trek today. We resumed our trek after a short break in a tea shop. The trek to Gosangu was an uphill one. It was difficult to get to Gosangu because it was a dirt road and cars were passing us. It took us 6 hours to trek. We finally reached the village after such a tiring journey. After lunch, we took a break and continued our climb towards Jiskun village. It was tiring, but we were relieved to reach Jiskun village. We were welcomed into a beautiful homestay of stone and wood that was open to us.

Day 4: Jiskun, Jhaka, Udankal

Our day began with an uphill trail towards Jiskun village. This was the last village we encountered on our way to Rupin pass. On our journey, we met many villagers and welcomed them. Jhaka is a lovely hanging village. Every home in the area sits at the edge of a mountain, which makes it stand out. We started from Jhaka towards Udankal forest, which was our campsite.

Day 5: Udankal to Dhanderas Thatch

We saw many small waterfalls and lush green backwoods on our way from Udankal, India, to Dhanderas Thatch. There were also snow patches. Another group of people came with us, and they were returning due to health problems. We finally reached Buras Kandi after a long trek. We finally reached Dhanderas after a few hours of trekking.

Day 6: Dhanderas Thatch and the Upper Waterfall

Today’s trek was relatively short. We finally reached our campsite after crossing several snow bridges. We felt like we had woken up and were able to enjoy the natural beauty of the area.

Day 7: Upper Waterfall, Rupin Pass to Ronti Gad

We started our trek a little early on the last day. We finally saw Ruptin passes, a glimpse of the Dhauladhar Reach. After struggling with the snowfields for a while, it was finally visible. This was an incredible moment for us all. From the summit, you should have seen the Kinnaur–Kailash reach. It appeared that Nature had too much in mind to make the journey easy. We reached Ronti gad camp after a hard day of trekking. Our hearts were full of joy and satisfaction as we slept.

Day 8: Ronti Gad and Sangla

This was our last day of trekking. The trek took us downhill towards Sanla. Each member was happy and exhausted. As we reached Sangla we celebrated.


The Rupin Pass Trek has given us many wonderful memories and made new friends from all over the world. We were filled with joy and happiness. It was well worth the hardship to see Rupin Pass.

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