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It is hard to deny the beauty of Kodaikanal. This hill station is one of the most stunning in Tamil Nadu. The stunning scenery of lush valleys and tranquil lakes, surrounded by granite cliffs, is a feast for the eyes. This beautiful location is a popular summer destination due to its picturesque surroundings and pleasant climate. You can also visit Dayara Bugyal Trek.

It is a great place to spend holidays in South India. The fact that Kodaikanal offers so many attractions has made it one of the most loved tourist destinations for decades. It will entertain you no matter how long you stay. If you’re planning on visiting the region, or one of its neighboring cities like Madurai or Coimbatore, or Kochi, plan a vacation. These are some of the most popular attractions in Kodaikanal that you can visit for one, two, or seven days.

Kodaikanal lake

The main attraction of Kodaikanal is Kodai Lake. It is the most visited attraction in the hill station. The stunning artificial lake, surrounded by unaltered vegetation, is one of Tamil Nadu’s most beautiful views. The natural beauty of the area is not enough to attract all the tourists.

You could also consider the Bangalore to Mysore trip which is great for friends and family. This location is a popular spot for adventure sports because of all the luxury experiences available. One of the most common activities here is boating. It is possible to rent a boat to sail the calm waters of the lake. You will feel refreshed by the stunning scenery around you. You can also take a stroll around the lake to enjoy some stunning views.

Bryant park

Bryant Park is located just east of Kodaikanal Lake, a botanical park where you can enjoy the beauty of nature at its best. This 20.5-acre property was built by H. D. Bryant, a British commander. He is also the one who gave it its name. The park boasts well-kept flowerbeds and historic buildings that make it worth a visit.

Bryant Park looks its best in May when there is a flower show and the entire area is bathed with a rainbow. The series of events can be viewed online. You can also make a Kodaikanal hotel reservation according to those dates. It and Kodaikanal Lake make up the two most popular places to visit in Kodaikanal for a single-day vacation. They are both in the city’s center.

Pillar rocks

Pillar Rocks can be described in one word: “mystical”. This is where the name Pillar Rocks comes from. They are made up of three boulders that measure 120 meters tall. This location is well-known for its three massive pillars. It also offers one of the most beautiful views in Kodaikanal. You can see clouds behind the rocks’ tops on a clear day. It is undoubtedly one of the most captivating sights you’ll ever see.

Bear Shola falls

Bear Shola Falls is another beautiful waterfall that’s close to the hill station’s center. Its name derives from the fact that the landform was once a favorite hangout for bears from nearby Shola forests to quench their thirst. Wild animals are not an issue. You don’t have to worry about how you will fit in all the amazing and spectacular areas of Kodaikanal into a 2- or 3-day trip to the hill station. Kodaikanal is home to some of the most beautiful locations for photographing.

Coaker’s walk

Coaker’s Walk may help you understand why Kodaikanal has been called “the Princess of Hill Stations”. The stunning views from the surrounding mountains are what draw people to the 1-km-long promenade. Enjoy a relaxing stroll in the beautiful mountain air, taking in the stunning scenery and forgetting all your daily stresses. Another great way to enjoy the area is by renting a bike and going for a ride around it.

Moir point

Moir Point is a must-see if you’re looking for stunning scenery while on your Kodaikanal trip. Sir Thomas Moir, who constructed Goschen Road in the late 1920s, is honoured by its name.. The area can become crowded during peak travel times, as everyone wants to enjoy the stunning view from this location. You may also enjoy other activities like golf.



If you’re thinking about going on a trip to Kodaikanal, you should be able to see the list above.We sincerely hope you find it useful.

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