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Content writing is a form of written advertising and companies use it to communicate with clients. Without communication, the companies will not be able to connect with the audience, and it leads to fewer leads and conversions. If you search on Google for “content,” then you will get different types of content that are used in specific areas. To learn more about digital marketing, you can move to the Digital marketing institute in Gurgaon.

Here are a few points which will show you the different types of content writing:

  • Blogging 
  • Copywriting 
  • Technical writing\long form 
  • Social media posts 
  • Emails 


Blog posts are very common and the first thing that you will get to learn in content writing. They are written for the website to increase the SEO ranking the website by putting powerful keywords in the content. The keyword will help the content to create its visibility on the Google search result. The keyword frequency and length totally depend upon the type and length of content you are writing. Generally, people prefer to use one keyword per 100-150 words and form the content accordingly. 


Copywriting is building a website and advertising the copy. If you do not give the touch of copywriting, then without it, your informative content will look very bland and nonpersuasive. The main aim of copywriting is to sell the product to the prospective customer. These are a few points that are included in copywriting:

  • Website copy 
  • Infographics 
  • Print ads 
  • Press releases 
  • Advertisements 
  • Sales collateral 
  • Product descriptions 


Technical writing is very common as very few people will be able to understand it. But if you have the right and deep knowledge of the business product, then you can produce very good and easy-to-understand kind of content. You can create ebooks so that people can use them to learn more about your product. You have to put effort into educating your audience so that they have a basic understanding of the product and it will boost your sales. But make sure you are not using too much technical jargon so that people will not even approach you. 


Let us tell you that almost 70-80% of people are on social media and they love scrolling. You can take advantage of this to grow your business by creating attractive and useful social media posts. You just have to put in one to two hours daily to create social media posts. Make sure that your business is present on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter, as these are some of the most popular social media platforms. 


Emails are generally full of campaigns as they fall in the category of copywriting. But you have to try something else and make your email more attractive and engaging. The best thing about email marketing is that you are targeting the loyal fans of your website by using the emails, they will come back to you in very little time. Don’t forget to provide some kind of value in your email so that the recipients will love to open and read your email. 


All the above points show you the different types of content writing and you have to understand them to select the right one for your online business. We recommend you to visit because it is the best SEO institute in Gurgaon and they know what is right for your business to grow on the internet. They have a very amazing content writing team who is working to make your business more visible on the internet. 

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