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For the fans of the games there is a wide variety to suit everyone, we find from racing car afk tier gaming to strategy games and many more, all those offline elements that you can use from your mobile. This allows you to have fun and have a fun and different time.

You might have happened to download a great game, but after being disconnected, it stops working, preventing you from playing on it. If you’re a game lover , what started out as fun will end in a war with yourself and why you didn’t expect it.

And it is that not completing an important match because of it will leave you with a feeling of dissatisfaction. For this reason, in this article, we will present a list of the best offline football games for Android. 

The best offline football games for Android

If you want to enjoy every moment of your games and put your worries aside for a moment, you’ve come to the right place. In the market there are a variety of football games for everyone’s entertainment that do not require an Internet connection. Today we’re going to show you what it’s all about and what features will allow you to bring out your athletic side, even from the comfort of your home.

Moreover, it maintains the margin of fictitious and real information provided on the sport. You will have the opportunity to create an Ultimate Team and you can also be the star of the game if you think about it.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 (PES 2019)

This simulation game with excellent graphics was developed by Konami, it offers you an authentic experience full of exciting matches and tournaments. You can be the manager of your own team , manage it as you see fit and do your best to make it successful. You can play online with your friends or start a solitaire game to pass the time.

Dream League Soccer 2019

Regardless of your age, this game will excite you and you can include your favorite players in your team. Create the team of your dreams, manage to build a team with the best of world football as you have always wanted. It has 3D graphics that will make your matches more realistic , transform your stadium and make it shine more than your opponents.

Real Soccer 2019

Created and designed by Gameloft SE features great graphics for you to enjoy every part of this app. This free football simulator allows you to recruit players and create a team of your liking that can defeat opponents. Improve the skills of your players and test them in the world stadium, have world famous players or create your own stars.

 Soccer Star 2019 Top Leagues

This football game set in the Argentinian Super League will allow you to make the most of your skills to win the jackpot. Build your team personality from scratch or choose your favorite team in the league and keep your eyes on the goal.

Score as many goals as possible to be named the hero score of the team you choose and become a football legend. It has a World Cup where you can play with your country’s national team.

Aim! Hero

In this game you are the center of attention, not the whole team, improve your skills to position yourself among the best. Easy to play with over 700 levels.

Final Kick 2019

You will see realistic graphics, this game is about taking penalties with your favorite teams, an offline app you can play anytime you want. Get better techniques through practice, score goals with amazing special effects and become the best of the team.

And that’s it, go ahead and enjoy. Now, what about iOS and Mac users ? The following article will show you the best free offline games for iPhone and iPad.

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