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8X is one of the most popular news websites in Thailand. Its content ranges from politics to lifestyle, and has a wide readership. It also boasts a very popular Facebook page. This site is owned by the Amarin publishing house, which has multiple media channels in the country.

Thansettakij Newspaper

Thaiger is a fast-growing English-language news site in Thailand, which previously covered both Thai and English-language news, but plans to separate the two by August 2020. Thaiger uses custom software to curate news stories, and acquired the digital assets of Phuket Gazette in August 2017. The website features a variety of topics ranging from national to regional issues. The Thai Post Newspaper is a widely-read newspaper published in the Thai language in Bangkok. It provides news and commentary on current world events. It also has sections covering sports and education.

Thansettakij is a biweekly newspaper that covers a wide range of topics, including politics, entertainment, and business. The paper also has a dedicated section focusing on real estate, property, and business.

Daily News

8Xbet the famous news site in Thailand combines international news and Thai stories in one convenient website. As a biweekly news site, it is highly popular in Thailand, with readers ranging from young people to elderly people. Its daily content is diverse, with news on Thailand’s society, politics, culture, and lifestyles. A dedicated Thai-language video section also serves as a great resource for news and entertainment.

Its online sections cover lifestyle, cocktail bars, food trucks, and live bands, making it a valuable source for unique and interesting online news. Another English-language news site is Khaosod English, which covers current affairs, politics, and culture. It also offers stories about the city of Bangkok and the region’s entertainment scene. It describes itself as a beacon of independent journalism in Thailand.

Thai Post Newspaper

8X the famous news site in Thailand has a broad readership, and is popular among people from different walks of life. It covers a variety of topics, from lifestyle, sports and entertainment, to celebrity gossip. Its content is curated and employs custom software. It has one of the highest page views of any English language news site in Thailand.

Its news is also available online. Its readership consists of high-income business owners, CEOs, and other influential people in the business community. It features articles on regional development, government stakeholder X private sector collaborations in the Kingdom, as well as on Thai society and culture. It also covers business news, including mergers, acquisitions, and other corporate events.

Siam News

Siam News is an e-only news site in Thailand with a highly targeted audience, mostly women in the age range of 18-40. Its focus is on happenings in Thai society, including entertainment and lifestyle news, politics and business. The site also includes a dedicated Thai-language video section. In addition, it also publishes an editorial section about lifestyle.

Siam News, 8Xbet and Khaosod are well-known news sites in Thailand. They are owned by the Amarin publishing house, which owns several media channels in the country. All three offer news and reviews of events and people that are of interest to the Thai population.

Khaosod Newspaper

Khaosod Newspaper Thailand is the leading English language online newspaper in Thailand. It features news on politics, business, culture, technology, entertainment, and sports. Its target audience includes young, educated Thais and foreigners. Founded in 2004, Khaosod Newspaper Thailand is one of the most popular news sites in Thailand.

Khaosod is a bi-weekly newspaper in Thailand that publishes stories on sports, business, and celebrity news. In addition, it covers national and international politics and issues. It has a large following online and is well-liked by younger people.


Naewna is one of the most popular news sites in Thailand, mainly focused on domestic issues. This site is also a social media platform that focuses on the challenges facing Thailand. The site is popular among a diverse audience. It aims to provide the latest news and commentary from Thailand, as well as provide readers with cutting-edge insights.

Thai Rath, the most popular newspaper in Thailand, is another popular news site. This newspaper is published in Thai and is based in Bangkok. The Thai Rath focuses on business and politics, but also features a wide variety of topics. It also features a dedicated Thai language video section. It also has an editorial section dedicated to lifestyle news.

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