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With the passage of time, a number of companies are moving towards eco-packaging to reduce their carbon footprints on the environment. It makes perfect sense because you can both save the environment and save money by making your company more appealing to customers. Eco-friendly boxes are designed to be less bulky. They are made from biodegradable, compostable or recycled materials. These special kinds of boxes are made from natural Kraft packaging. Using eco-friendly boxes can give you a competitive advantage in the market. Such practices demonstrate awareness, which is a persuasive factor in making customers choose your brand over others in the competition.

Benefits of Eco-friendly packaging

Moreover, MyReadingManga companies that invest in recycled boxes can save money in terms of shipping costs, material costs, and waste reduction. Below are some of the reasons why eco-friendly packaging is good for your business

Reducing Waste by Eliminating Excess Packaging

The most significant strategy to go green is to streamline the packaging design for your brand. Creating the perfect-sized Kraft boxes can eliminate the use of excess raw material and filler packaging required to fill a larger-sized box. This makes the shipment lighter while simultaneously allowing a greater quantity of products to fit on pallets, shipping containers, vehicles, and especially on retail shelves. Although the main purpose of packaging is to protect the products, by reducing the packaging waste, you can remove the extra materials from the process without disturbing the actual purpose for which it is made. Sometimes, switching to eco-friendly boxes involves a complete change of material. For example, in the case of a pickle manufacturer, switching from glass jars to flexible pouches works well. The new packaging design not only looked more appealing and protective but also helped in increasing retail visibility and reducing shipping costs. Coca-Cola, one of the market leaders, reported that by introducing new lightweight packaging, the company was able to save about $ 180 million in two years.

Eco-friendly packaging: Reduce carbon footprint

It is obvious that by using environmentally friendly packaging materials, you can reduce your company’s carbon footprint on the environment. Eco-friendly Kraft boxes are much better for the environment as they are made up of recycled cardboard and paper products. They require fewer resources for production. Moreover, as the material is biodegradable, it will not take centuries to break down in landfills. 

Increased Opportunities to Recycle and Reuse

The retailers, manufacturers, and producers of today are in a constant effort to find new ways of recycling. The easiest way to incorporate recycling into production is to use recyclable packaging material over other types of packaging. It reduces the overall environmental impact. Everyday used packaging materials make up a huge proportion of the trash that ends up in a landfill. By using eco-friendly boxes for shipping and product packaging, customers can get rid of all those unnecessary packages. Moreover, the recycled boxes are easy to dispose of. Even if they end up in landfills, they tend to break down very quickly as compared to their non-compostable counterparts. Although the use of eco-friendly packaging was limited once, now it has become quite versatile. Every industry is switching towards it. Whether you want to ship a package for cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, apparel, food, or any other product, natural Kraft packaging can do everything for you. They are easy to reuse, dispose of, and recycle. The boxes can be repurposed in a number of ways before disposal. Therefore, by using eco-friendly supplies, your company can show more concern about environmental sustainability. chrissy metz weight loss

Reduced Shipping Costs

In addition to being made from recyclable materials, eco-friendly packaging is designed by keeping minimalism in mind. The brown Kraft boxes still provide the best possible protection to the items inside, but they are made by using a lesser amount of material. This makes them less bulky. As a result, they weigh less and, as a result, take up less space. Moreover, the packages that are lightweight are more affordable for shipment. They reduce dimensional weight shipping charges and make more packages fit into the shipping container. This ultimately leads to a reduction in shipping and supply chain system costs. According to a study conducted by the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), companies that use eco-friendly practices not only decrease their shipping costs significantly but also increase their ROI by as much as 18% over the companies that do not make such efforts.

Improve your brand’s image

Customers take a number of factors into consideration while deciding which company to choose from. Consumers are never attracted to companies that produce a negative impact on the environment. A huge percentage of consumers feel better about purchasing products with recycled packaging. Therefore, by incorporating eco-friendly practices into your business, you can not only benefit your environment but also improve your brand image by making it more appealing to customers. You can enhance the visibility of your products to eco-conscious consumers, which will provide a good return on your investment. 


Going green has become the latest trend. It is not only beneficial for the planet, but for your business as well. Customers have become more aware of a search for more environmentally friendly products. Therefore, it has become mandatory for business owners to take such steps which reduce the environmental impact. Switching towards eco-friendly packaging is a great way to lower your costs and decrease carbon footprints. It also portrays a positive image of your organization to the customers that you are highly concerned about environmental sustainability. No matter in which industry your business operates, making a little upfront investment in eco-friendly practices is worth the cost. It helps you achieve long-term benefits and take your business to the heights of success.

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