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You’re not the only one who can’t get a cough, laugh, or sneeze without leaking some urine. Problems with your pelvic floor can occur in many people, and however, incorporate specific exercises to improve and enhance your pelvic floor. So these are known as pelvic exercises. 

The pelvic floor comprises connective muscles and tissues. These connective tissues attach to your pelvis and, more specifically, the bones at the base of your pelvis.

The pelvic organs are the bladder, urethra, and intestines, and the pelvic floor includes the uterus and cervix. Hence, for the proper functioning of your pelvic muscles, it is vital to strengthen pelvic floor. 

However, many people associate the Kegels concepts or the pelvic exercises with the pelvic floor and the vagina.

Yet note that these muscles are present in all sexes. Moreover, the pelvic floor muscles are essential for people who have a penis, and they protect the bladder from leakage and prevent the bowel from leaking.

Additionally, Kegels for men are beneficial for sexual health, function, and sensation.

The pelvic floor functions best when it is strong and can release fully after an entire contract.

It can also help control bladder and bowel movements.

Further, male pelvic floor exercises strengthen the pelvic floor and lead to better sex. For some, squeezing and contracting the pelvic floor muscles can increase sexual sensation for those with a vagina.

Researchers specifically mention how pelvic floor dysfunction exercises can improve erectile dysfunction and ejaculation problems. So, if you are dealing with impotence or how to increase bedtime stamina, then aim to strengthen pelvic floor. 

So, now that you understand how vital pelvic exercises here are the ten best Kegel exercises for men you can try. 

Ten Pelvic Exercises To Include In Your Regimen

1. Kegels

Kegels are undoubtedly the most well-known workout for incontinence sufferers, and they’re also one of the finest. They’re simple to perform and don’t require you to get out of your nice chair. To begin, picture yourself peeing and then find the muscles that would be used to stop the flow. While doing this, attempt not to tense any other muscle. Further, repeat 10 times a day, three times a day. 

2. Heel Slides

The next pelvic exercises are heel slides. So, place your pelvis in neutral and place your knees on the ground. Breathe in, and then exhale into your rib cage. Next, let your ribs contract by exhaling through the mouth. 

Further, raise your pelvic floor. Secure in your center, and afterward slide your right foot away. Moreover, you should only go so far that you don’t lose your connection with your deep core. 

Come back your leg to its previous position after taking a deep breath. Do ten reps and then switch to the opposite leg.

3. Bridge pose

The mild inversion is good for easing the pressure on a weak pelvis. Place your pelvis in neutral and bend your knees to see the floor. Further, keep your back fixed to the ground. Inhale. Engage your core and draw your pelvic floor towards the ceiling. Next, lift your spine and buttocks. 

So, hold the position for five seconds and slowly return to the ground, vertebra by vertebra.

4. Happy Baby pose

The next pelvic exercises include happy baby pose. Lay level on your back on a mat. Keep your knees bowed at 90 degrees. Further, your feet ought to confront the roof. Reach forward and get the outside or inside edges of your feet. 

Spread your knees out gently until they are equal to your torso. Flex your lower legs. You can likewise rock swiftly from one to the next side.

5. Diaphragmatic pelvic floor breathing

You can either lie level on your yoga mat or in a seat. Breathe in profoundly and breathe out leisurely through your mouth. Unwind and deliver any strain you might have. Rest one hand on the abdomen and another on your chest when you’ve relaxed. Additionally, keep your hands on your stomach and one on your chest, and repeat several times. Moreover, these pelvic exercises can be a great stress buster.

6. Bird dog

Bird dogs are good for many muscles and not only the pelvic floor. Choose a location and then incorporate your both hands and legs. Keep your knees under your hips. Keep your neck straight and your back straight. Next, extend your left arm and leg and straighten them. Lower your arm and leg after holding this position for two seconds. 

Bring down your arm and leg subsequent to standing firm on this footing for around two seconds. Additionally, keep doing the pelvic exercises ten more times, and you can do three sets per day.

7. Squats

This pelvic exercises are great for strengthening your pelvic floor muscles and toning your bottom. Straighten your spine and then bend your knees. Your hips should be pushed backwards.

Moreover, you should only go as low as you feel comfortable. Do ten squats per day to see your muscles get stronger.

8. Split tabletop   

Although it sounds harsh, this is quite simple and a well-known Pilates move that strengthens the pelvic floor. Similarly as with the Bridge work out, set down level on your back and raise your legs.

Moreover, ensure that your knees are straight. Slowly, move your legs as far as you feel comfortable. Keep moving slowly, and then move your knees back together. Ensure that you tighten the pelvic floor muscles. 

Further, keep repeating this 10 to 15 times. Try to do at least three cycles per day.

9. Quick flick Kegel 

So, the quick flick Kegel involves rapid pelvic floor contractions to activate the muscles quicker and stronger to stop any leakage from sneezing.

10. Marches

The marching exercise, similar to heel slides, increases core stability and stimulates pelvic floor contractions.

Bottom Line

These pelvic exercises can prove beneficial to your pelvic floor. Moreover, before attempting male pelvic floor exercises, ensure to follow the pelvic floor exercises step by step until you easily try the exercises with no trouble. 

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