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Nightfall is the emission or orgasm a man and woman goes through at night while sleeping. This problem is much more common in the younger generation or other words within the people who are not so sexually active and are in their pubic years. As in growing years, a male produces a high amount of sperms; and if they are not taken out of the body through masturbation or intercourse. Generally, the problem of nightfall occurs in them. Also, a myth revolves around; that the problem of nightfall occurring only due to psychological issues. However, that is not completely true in the case of nightfall. A lot of physical, biological and medical causes can also lead to the problem of nightfall. Some nightfall treatment can help in stopping nightfall.

So, to get full information about the nightfall treatment and causes. Read down the article till the end.

Some common Symptoms of Nightfall-

There are common symptoms that you can go through; which can show that you are suffering from the problem of nightfall. However, some of the most common ones are feeling tired, exhausted, and weak. Well, other symptoms of nightfall are as follows-

  1. You feel a burning sensation after or during your past urine.
  2. Sometimes during intercourse, you go through the problem of Premature Ejaculation.
  3. There is a big lack of concentration and focus.
  4. You are unable to sleep. as you go through explicit dreams; with pain and cramps in your legs and the back.
  5. A foul smell; which you get during urinating.
  6. You are highly addicted to watching porn videos.
  7. Retrograde ejaculation or dhat syndrome.

Causes of Nightfall-

There are several causes of nightfall, but almost all of them are completely harmless. Also, it is seen by doctors, that the problem generally goes away with age. However sometimes; it won’t be without medical treatment. Thus, in that case, the best is to see a andrologist and sexologist in Delhi; to get well.

  1. One of the most common causes is; if you do not involve in sexual activities. As the sperms get accumulated in the body during puberty. Thus, the excess comes out in the form of wet dreams or nightfall.
  2. If there is too much addiction to sex, pornography and you think or discuss it a lot; then also you can go through the problem of nightfall commonly.
  3. Just do not go to sleep at night with a full bladder; as it can also cause the problem of nightfall in men.
  4. If due to weak muscles; you do not fully ejaculate during intercourse, the excess can come out of the body; through nightfall.
  5. Some issues such as obesity, physical inactivity, and stress and anxiety can also cause nightfall problems.
  6. Inflammation in the area of the prostate, which can cause inflammation and congestion.
  7. If you take sex increasing hormone supplements; such as testosterone tablets.
  8. There are weak muscles and nerves in the area of the pubic region.

Nightfall Treatment-

There are a lot of home remedies, lifestyle changes and ayurvedic medicines; which can help a person to go through the problem of nightfall. But be sure to keep yourself consistent doing these remedies; that is the only way to see visible changes in your condition. Also, it is highly recommended to talk to a doctor; before you go through any of the nightfall treatment. Or you include any supplements in your diet.

1. NFC Pack-

This pack has two types of ayurvedic medicines; which are NFC1 and NFC2. The NFC1 bottle contains 60 tablets; which help in stopping the involuntary emission of semen from the body. However, on the other hand, the NFC2; bottle has 120 tablets; which are curated out of purified bhasm of Qalai.

You need to take both the tablets; i.e NFC1 and NFC2; which you need to take after breakfast and after dinner. Also, keep in mind to keep a gap of 1 hour between food and the medicine.

2. Chandraprabhavati-

It is well-known medicine for nightfall and premature ejaculation. This medicine also helps in curing joint pains and is also popularly taken by a lot of people who go through the condition of nightfall. You should take this nightfall treatment continuously at least for 15 days regularly; to see the noticeable changes in you. For effective results take two tablets of the medicine daily after the main meals.

3. Majun Arad Khurma-

Majun Arad Khurma is a wonderful and most popular medicine for the nightfall problem. So, if you struggle with the problem of nightfall; you should try taking this medicine for once. Also, this medicine helps in delaying the orgasm, and leakage problem. For getting effective results, this medicine should be taken twice a day; one tablet before breakfast and same the other before having dinner.

4. Dhatu Paushtik Churna-

This powdered medicine contains, Safed Musli, Gokshura and Ashwagandha. Hence this medicine helps in making the semen thicker. Also, it rejuvenates the weak reproductive system. One should take 5 grams of this churna every day; to get effective results.

Some lifestyle changes for Nightfall-

If you want to stop the problem of nightfall permanently; and also want it not to come back to you again and again. Then you should change some lifestyle ways and adopt a few of the following habits; to help you from restraining it to come back again and again.

  1. Keep a gap of at least 2 hours before you go to sleep; after having dinner daily.
  2. Eat light food, that is easy to digest.
  3. Make sure to empty your bladder; before going to sleep.
  4. Never sleep on your stomach.
  5. Wear very comfortable, light and loose clothing at night.
  6. Don’t watch and sleep sexually stimulating materials.
  7. Make sure you do not involve in excessive masturbation before sleeping.

Take Away-

A lot of men and women feel ashamed; as they go through the problem of nightfall. However, it is completely normal to go through the problem sometimes; but if you go through it quite often; then you should seek help from a doctor. Also, if you are looking to get guidance from one of the most experienced and knowledgeable doctors; then try seeking help from Dr Chirag Bhandari, who is also the founder and director of IASH, India. Also, if you need any other information about the hospital and the doctors. Then, check it out on “IASH India“.

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