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The Gematria calculator is a way to find the numeral values of a phrase or name. We are able to find the values of any phrase and name values by the gematria decoder. It is best to translate a word or phrase into numerical values. Various cultures do believe in the gematria values and they use these values. The Gematria is one of the ways to give meaning to various terms and words in terms of numbers. These numbers then turn to be sacrificed due to their significance in that culture and specific religion.

How do we define Gematria?

By definition, Gematria is a method of assigning and translating a sentence or phrase in numerical values. It is a Jewish type of numerology method and all the letters are Hebrew letters and the alphabet. These alphabets are usually replaced by numbers in the same order. You need to replace the code with the numbers which can be represented in many ways. The gematria calculator makes it possible to convert in all the possible ways to find the answer of the code.

The historical perspective:

The Gematria methodology was first used by the Jewish people in 8th BC, and they first assigned the numerical values to the Hebrew alphabet. The gematria numbers and values can be different in various languages. We can understand for the letter “A” there are different numerical values in the Hebrew language than in the English language.

What is the necessity of Gematria?

The gematria calculator in English is used to gain a more spiritual understanding of the religious text. We can draw various meanings from the numerical values of the words and the phrases. There are various utilizations of the gematria for the various languages.

Examples of the Gematria:

There are various examples of Gematria and we can use the English gematria calculator to find the numerical values of the various words and phrases.

  • In the Hebrew language the word Chai(חי), meaning alive, when converted by the gematria calculator. Then the numeric value of the Chai(חי) is equal to 18 in the Hebrew text. This is the main reason the number 18 is a sacred number in the Jewish religion and they believe 18 is a sacred number for them.
  • Muslims have utilized the Arabic Gematria and the number “786” is used to describe “Bismillah”, which is the starting description for anything in the Muslim world. For  Muslims, this has become a sacred number, and some Muslims do write the number at the start of their writing. They are considering the 786 as the starting blessing phrase in their text, or to start writing.

How to use the gematria calculator?

Consider the word “Sacrifice ” when we enter the values gematria calculator. We convert the word in the most famous Gemartera around the world. These Gematria include the English ordinal, Full Reduction, Reverse ordinal, Reverse Full Reduction, Jewish Gematria, English Gematria, and Hebrew gematria. As prescribed above the Hebrew Gematrias is one the oldest around and another oldest gematria technique is the Jewish Gematria.

English OrdinalFull ReductionReverse OrdinalReverse Full ReductionJewish GematriaEnglish GematriaHebrew


The gematria calculator makes the task just too simple to convert a word or phrase into various numeral values. The Numerical values of a number can be different in various types of Gematria as the alphabets of each language are different from each other. The history of the gematria goes back to the 8th BC and now it is frequently used to describe in various forms.

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