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What foods do you love eating throughout the middle of the workday to give you the energy boost you need to successfully complete the rest of the day? In and around Saratoga, you can find whatever type of food you choose, from salads to filled meat dishes.

Soon, you will be able to enjoy delicious workplace lunches and dinners at home thanks to delivery services for a variety of nearby restaurants. Here are some amazing restaurants in Saratoga that you should definitely remember during Waitr Food Drive.

Off The Stick Delicious Grill

In 2014, Off the Stick Fresh Grill was launched. Thanks to their mother, Chris and Rob, two brothers, experienced the benefits of a balanced diet firsthand. They saw their mother lose 85 pounds by eating properly while she had major health issues.

This business is the result of their ambition to spread these tastes and ways of life to the Bay Area. Everything on the menu is both delicious and nutritious. There are also gluten-free, vegan, and paleo options. Through Waitr Food Drive, Off the Stick Fresh Grill aims to accommodate any dietary restrictions you might have.

Constituents Of The Off The Keto Bowl

Even those who do not adhere to the ketogenic diet grow to admire the keto bowl. It contains organic greens and grilled vegetables. It is topped with feta cheese and avocado. You may select from chicken, tofu, fish, lamb, beef, falafel, and other protein options. You can also add a variety of sauces to your bowl, like smokey habanero chilli, lemon honey, herb garlic, or creamy tahini. Waitr Food Drive allows you to completely design your bowl, guaranteeing that you receive a nutritious and enjoyable meal.

Ethiopian Restaurant Mudai

After sampling Ethiopian cuisine at Muai Ethiopian Restaurant, you will place an order through Waitr Food Drive. The restaurant strives to make all of its customers happy by providing them with wonderful food. Since 2004 when it first opened, Mudai has prepared genuine Ethiopian food with uncommon ingredients. There are meals available for individuals of different backgrounds. Meat eaters, vegetarians, and vegans may all find something to appreciate at this establishment.

A Moderate Lamb Stew

Try the beg alicha wot if you want to venture out from the usual workplace lunch delivery selections in Saratoga. Here is a mild lamb stew cooked with ginger sauce, garlic, and turmeric. Also featured is Kibbe, a seasoned butter purée. Commonly, Ethiopian Waitr Food Drive serves spicy cuisine, however if you prefer something less fiery, this bowl is for you. You should consume this stew as quickly as possible due to its incredible range of flavours.

Greek Kitchen At Kali

When wanting authentic Greek cuisine, there is no better restaurant than Kali Greek Kitchen. Using locally sourced meats and vegetables, this restaurant is able to offer Waitr Food Drive authentic Greek cuisine. Each dish produced by the chefs pays homage to their families’ heritage, which acts as inspiration. Because the meats are spicy and slow-roasted, you will not soon forget this meal.

The Lamb and Rice Dish

Those who have never eaten here before should get one of the rice dishes to get a feel for the atmosphere. The superb lamb rice dish features a sizable portion of lamb leg. Rice, orzo, chickpeas, and Kali Greek salad are also plentiful in the Waitr Food Drive. For dipping, additional traditional tzatziki sauce is served on the side.

It contains all of the flavors associated with Greek food. The daily preparation of fresh loukoumades at Kali Greek Kitchen is a must-have dessert. This comprises of coated and toasted walnuts with cinnamon. If you haven’t already, it’s time you gave it a try.

Order From These Outstanding Restaurants

From Palo Alto to San Jose, throughout the Bay Area, you may order meal delivery to Saratoga using Waitr Food Drive. This significantly enhances the next business lunch you have delivered to Saratoga. Even if you want a gourmet meal delivered to your home, is available. Place your order for tonight’s delicious dinner. You’ll be glad you did so.

Catering for business lunches in Cupertino!

Catering for business lunches in Cupertino! Thursday, September 5, 2019 by Shelly, with No Comments! Comments How can you convey to your employees that you care about their health while also preparing them for the remainder of the day? If you don’t want your employees to work on an empty stomach, make sure they receive Cupertino business lunch catering as quickly as possible.
Most importantly, you are surrounded by numerous and excellent possibilities. The following Waitr Food Drive restaurants offer outstanding catering options at reasonable prices. The best part is that you can recall them later if you’re at a loss for food inspiration.

Curry and Bread

Naan & Curry serves some of the most delicious Indian cuisine in the Bay Area. The restaurant serves a significant number of clients every day. When you examine the extensive menu, you will realise how much Indian cuisine there is to sample. It specialises in Indian cuisine, including samosas, tandoori chicken, and chicken tikka masala. There are also several vegetarian and vegan alternatives available.

Various Menu Options

There is something for everyone. Obviously, the centrepiece of the Waitr Food Drive is the curry. The lamb curry is a delicious dish that you must sample at least once. The fragrant curry contains boneless lamb portions that have been cooked slowly in a big saucepan. It is created with the restaurant’s signature herbs and spices.

You can add butter naan or jeera rice for additional cost, which can be divided among the diners. With this dish and whatever else you choose, employees can have a lunch in a distinctive style. They will not soon forget the corporate lunch they had with the asap waitr promo code.

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