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The rapid growth in market demand has led printing industry to continuously improve production capacity targets. Therefore, targets are limitless by the quality and efficiency of equipment. They also think about ethical issues that relate to employees. The majority of small and medium-sized printing companies said that when they get a new contract, they first consider whether this contract is good for their employees.

Printing materials that are not properly managed or monitored can produce tragic impacts on the environment. This leaves a bad impression of companies which want to have custom design packaging for retail products in these items and therefore, is an inefficient form of marketing.

Companies that sell products and offer professional services know the value of both. They want to have a strong relationship with their customer. However, bad printing causes a negative impact on the customer.

However, these companies can cause problems if there is no proper control over their products. According to the research products have to get special printing which can make them unique. But some companies do not follow this and they print products in such a way which damages the environment.

Therefore, with bad printing, the packaging becomes unappealing and does not do justice to the brand’s identity in a competitive market.

This includes the following factors:

1. The first impact is that bad printing on packaging does not last long.

we can see it again and again that bad printing techniques result in a print job that doesn’t hold up. If you want people to see your brand, you need to make durable prints.

2. The second major impact is that bad printing on products leaves a very bad impression.

use of inferior quality inks, use of poor-quality material for printing results in bad impression on the buyer and he/she never purchases it again. The bad impression of product printing on packaging can be caused due to unprofessional color matching, this gives a very bad color match and the difference in the colors is clearly visible on the product.

3.There are issues with alignment of printing –

We can also see problems with the alignment of printing. For example, if it’s an offset printing job, silk screen job or flexo printing. The alignment of the print may not be correct and this makes the product look very bad.

4-To avoid more economy manufacturers can use poor quality paper for

Using bad quality paper for the print of a product is another big reason why the product packaging looks very bad. If you use low-quality offset printing or laser printing, it will also give a bad impression to the buyers. It can also destroy the product during shipping.

We know that the paper used in the printing industry is full of different kinds of abrasive substances. This can cause damage to your product during shipping, resulting in a bad impression on the customers.

5-The Dimension and thickness (thinness) and weight of printing paper contribute to this type of problem:

bad stuff of printing paper can make the packaging worst. Which in turn show the bad impact of brand and its products.

As, one of the most important parts of packaging is the printing on the surface. High-quality printing is very important for product design. It’s not just for a company logo or a price on a product. You can use it for any information that customers need to know about your product. The pattern printed on it can also create a different first impression for customers.

Because, if the length or width is bigger than the other side, it will make a bad impression on customer mind. And make them doubt about your product quality.

6-If printing is too small on packaging:

Fitting a product to its box should not be too large or small, as it will either cause the value of the product decline in clients’ eyes and may also lead to leaving by your client. The size needs to complement each other so that they can protect perfectly. For example, the dimensions of your product should fit well in their box.

7-If printing is not good enough:

The final impact on customers’ mind will have the quality of printing. It’ll cause them to doubt whether or not they want to buy that product again when they choose a faulty design and poor printing.

Placing your printing in the wrong place is also a crucial mistake because it may cause bad final impact on consumers. For example, if you put them under fluorescent lights, they will be difficult to read.

8- Too large printing font can make your packaging look ugly:

A well written packaging is the main reason why your client would like to buy your product, so you should ensure that it’s easy to read. Print size of too large fonts will damage your images and make them look ugly. This is because people like to see general images in a sophisticated way.

Solution To Ignore Bad Printing:

Professional packaging companies will give you the best quality printing boxes at reasonable prices. They make sure they use good materials and have a team of designers with the latest technologies to help your business grow. You can also have latest technological digital printers which can give you clear images of your printing material. Which you want to imprint on your packaging boxes, so that they will look a modified and latest version of your products.


In spite of all this, people can be unhappy because of the way that they wrap it. The way they print the packaging is not good and there are bad designs on it. Which in turn create a negative impression about your Company or product. In most cases, the manufacturers are using cheap materials for their products that result into the reduction of profit margin.

As a printing and packaging manufacturer, you do not want to face any other negative impact or lose your customers. Make sure that you use the latest printing technology because it is important for your business success.

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