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Grey hair is finally becoming popular in the fashion industry as a beautifully natural hair colour, and this trend is sweeping the internet. Celebrities flaunted their grey hair in front of the media as part of the grey hair campaign, fashion models showcased their grey hair on the catwalk, and many people went bonkers displaying their natural grey hair. Some young people displayed their acceptance of the new style by adding grey highlights to the sides of their naturally coloured hair. Many people have allowed their grey hair grow out as a result of the pandemic and quarantine last year, while others have chosen the safer course of disguising it with

Why does hair turn grey? 

For most people, grey hair is a result of aging. Getting older causes your hair to produce fewer colour pigments. The natural color of hair is determined by melanin, which is found in hair follicles and hair shafts. Your hair color will appear lighter if you have less melanin. There is very little melanin in gray hair, while there is none in white hair. Melanin loss is a natural part of aging. It is more likely that new hair will appear gray after about 35. 

On the other hand, there are a number of additional causes for premature greying. This may be influenced by genetics, which explains why some people start to age in their twenties. Some people keep their natural hair colour until they are in their 40s. Premature greying may also be caused by medical history, way of life, environmental factors, stress, vitamin deficiencies, and smoking. The majority of the time, grey hair shouldn’t be a cause for alarm, especially since you can always dye your hair to cover them up with a natural hair colour.

Is it possible to prevent premature greying?

Changing your diet may help slow down the rate of hair ageing, but only if nutritional deficits are the real source of the issue. The greying of hair unfortunately cannot be halted. By leading a healthy lifestyle that includes eating balanced food, staying at a healthy weight, and consuming less alcohol, you can slow down the process. It may also be beneficial to stop smoking and increase your intake of foods high in vitamins. Additionally, including natural hair treatments in your routine to maintain the condition of your hair can postpone premature greying. You might want to turn to natural hair colour or organic hair dye if you already have grey hair, as chemical hair dyes can make your hair grey faster, turning it all white within the next five years of using a chemical hair dye.

Would you like to look different during festivals?

The holiday season provides an opportunity to try new styles and hair colour choices. Similar to makeup, changing your hair colour may radically alter how you look and make you appear more radiant. So, this holiday season, restore your lustre with an organic hair colour.

Do you want to cover your greys?

Going grey is back in style, but many people don’t want to show off their grey hairs. It’s acceptable to break the mould and make your own decisions on how to age gracefully, whether you choose to cover up or display your grey hairs. If you enjoy colouring your hair and feel that it enhances your appearance and boosts your confidence, organic hair dye should be high on your list of priorities. Investigate fresh hair colour ideas! Just be sure you are acting on your own behalf.

Maintaining your natural hair colour by going to salons and having it professionally tinted can be tiresome and cost a lot of money. Therefore, DIY organic hair colour may be a way to dye your hair without causing damage. Always use chemical-free organic hair dye that you have purchased from a reputable retailer.

However, one must be aware that organic hair dye doesn’t quickly give colour. It requires time. Although chemical-laden hair dyes produce results right away, they also have a number of negative, potentially harmful side effects. Natural dyes, on the other hand, not only dye your hair modestly and soberly, but also nourish and protect it.

Within seven days of application, organic hair colour might astound you as it progressively adds colour and gets darker, staying that way for several weeks.

One such product, according to user feedback, is Organic Hair Colour & Spa with Essential Oils from Indus Valley. It successfully conceals the early signs of grey. This natural hair dye uses 15 exotic herbs to subtly coat the hair strands and deposit colour without removing its moisture or natural colour. Henna, Indigo, Senna, Amla, Fenugreek, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Chamomile, Sesame, Cinnamon, Castor Oil, Lemongrass Oil, Basil Oil, Lemon Oil, and Frankincense Oil are among the constituents in this 100 percent organic hair dye that are active. These organic herbs also slow down the process of premature greying. The spa elixir that is included with the colour is a well-balanced mixture of castor oil and the top essential oils for hair care. It enhances hair development, nourishes hair, and brings back natural lustre.

Talk to our haircare and beauty specialists if you’d like to learn more about this product or to find a solution to any other problems you might have on a regular basis. Since it is our business to make you seem beautiful from the inside out, we are always here to assist you. Great Christmas and happy celebrations until then!

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