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If you want to have healthy bones, drink milk. This is one of the most common bone health advice we grew up hearing about. Right?

Well, this is one among many. There are many things we can do to have healthier and stronger bones. Bone health is crucial for our overall well-being. Our bones not only make the structural basis of our body but are also responsible for our proper body movements. So, we need healthy bones to live a normal life. 

What Impacts our Bone Health?

But over time our bones may get weaker. Sometimes it can be due to nutritional deficiency or other times it’s just aging. Some health conditions can also impact our bone health such as arthritis. These conditions can take a toll on our bone health. My mother had arthritis and she used to visit the best orthopedic doctor in Karachi for her treatment plan which was all about lifestyle changes alongside medications.

So, our bone health is greatly dependent upon our lifestyle choices. Before we talk about this impact on bone health, let us know about the factors that put our bone health at risk. These include:

  • Our dietary choices as the food we put in our body have a great impact on constructing our bones
  • Being female is an important risk factor for many bone-related health conditions. This is simply because of the denser bones in men which puts females at a greater risk of suffering from conditions like osteoporosis
  • People who are thin or have a shorter body frame also have an increased risk of suffering from bone health conditions
  • The extent of physical activity is also crucial for your bones
  • Taking certain medications for a prolonged period can also increase your risk of suffering from poor bone health
  • Suffering from hormonal conditions also increases your risk
  • If you are into substance abuse then you are more likely to suffer from poor bone health
  • Aging is also an important factor that determines your bone health
  • Other than these, your race and genetic background also determine your basis for suffering from bone conditions.

Lifestyle Tips to Build Stronger Bones

Now let’s talk about what you can do to have healthy and stronger bones. This usually involves lifestyle changes. Here are some of the tips you need to know:

1- Eat Healthy Foods

Your food choices play a crucial role in building stronger bones. 

Try to add more and more bone-healthy foods to your diet. This includes all the calcium-rich foods. Milk and other dairy products have a good amount of calcium in them so these can be a good choice. Other than this, there are many things such as leafy greens and fish meat that make your bones stronger. For people who suffer from inflammatory conditions that can affect their bone health, it is recommended to add turmeric to the milk to reduce inflammation.

2- Get Enough Vitamin D

Other than calcium, you also need vitamin D to help you have healthy bones. This is because this vitamin D is required for the efficient absorption of calcium in your body. You can spend time outdoors to boost the production of vitamin D in your body by natural means. Other than this, you can even take vitamin D supplements if you suspect vitamin D deficiency.

3- Stay Physically Active

Physical activity, no matter how long or intense it is, can have a stronger impact on your bones. This is because it keeps your body weight under control and doesn’t let your bones bear any additional pressure. So, make sure you keep yourself active to minimize the chances of bone conditions. When it comes to physical activity, make sure to do resistance and strength training as these are the best type of workouts for your health.

4- Avoid Substance Abuse

Next on the list of lifestyle changes for better bone health comes the role of avoiding substance abuse. People who take tobacco or other such substances are more prone to develop bone-related health conditions. You can try quitting it on your own or can even seek out advice from an addiction specialist to help you get rid of this addiction.

Bottom Line!

Bone health is crucial for your overall well-being. Your bones are not only structural support for your body but also help you with the proper mobility. So, it is really important to take care of your bone health. The damage to your bone health though can come from many different causes including aging etc. However, you can still control a part of this damage.

All you need is to make certain lifestyle changes that support good health and most importantly your bone health. However, if you have an existing bone health condition or have it in your genetics then make sure to get your bone health monitored on a routine basis and start in touch with your doctor.

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