Nintendo As a console developer, there have been countless ups and downs over the past few decades. From the heights of defining mainstream gaming with the NES, to taking over the general market with the Wii, to failed attempts like the Virtual Boy and Wii U. However, it has had much success in handheld devices compared to its wobbly track record in the home market.

Not every Nintendo handheld has been a huge success, but for Nintendo it’s better to carry games on the go than rivals like Sony, and the advantages of Nintendo’s handheld seem to have been reflected on the hybrid Switch. Being able to play games at home or on the go may be a strategy Nintendo will launch with the Switch’s inevitable successor, but if the next device – or a separate enterprise – returns to the dual-screen gimmick of handheld consoles, it could be Worth the past.

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Nintendo Handheld History

While many would consider the Game Boy to be Nintendo’s first handheld computer, one can also attribute this distinction to the Game & Watch line.These are simple in design, starting with the Silver series in 1980, which had titles like this ball, Judgeand fire. Each version is a time killer on a single LCD screen, although as the name suggests, these devices can also be used as a clock.This super smash bros Characters Mr. Game & Watch will pay homage to these games, with special editions such as The Legend of Zelda The 35th Anniversary Game & Watch is still in release.

The next Game Boy series will bring many popular series to the forefront, from Tetris and Super Mario Land Game Freak’s own hits Pokemon. Later, the Game Boy Advance family brought the much-loved pixel art graphics from SNES games to the handheld experience, with super mario advanced Series translation titles such as super mario world and Yoshi Island.

The Nintendo DS was an even weirder step forward, focusing on the gimmick of having two screens and touch controls rather than delivering powerful graphics, but it ended up being a huge success. The DS is currently the second-best-selling console of all time after Sony’s PlayStation 2, and has sold tens of millions in the third-best-selling Game Boy and Game Boy Color series.While the 3DS gained much less momentum, dual-screen devices (and adjacent devices like the 2DS) are deeply rooted in Nintendo’s history, apparently from oil panic 1982.

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The benefits of keeping dual-screen devices

While the DS era has sometimes been criticized for its focus on casual audiences and plentiful shovels (similar to the Wii), the benefits of this marketing approach are clear. Not only is the DS popular, it also has a collection of well-loved games Pokemon Diamond, pearland platinum to AlphaDream’s Mario and Luigi: The Inside Story of BowserThe .3DS continues this tradition with the following titles: animal steps on new leaf, connection between worldsand Child Icarus: Uprising.

Many games, especially early in the DS life cycle, leaned heavily towards gimmicks like touch controls.While this has facilitated many cheap puzzle games or hard mechanics, its unique features have also led to more creative endeavors such as Kirby: The Canvas Curse or map impression puzzle Phantom Hourglass. The more subtle uses of the dual-screen setup are also worth noting, from displaying extra information to cases such as pokemon sun and moon Players can see the minimap at any time. It’s also hard to overstate the DS’s legacy of pushing handheld multiplayer games over Wi-Fi and the DS download-play system, although these are less important today.

However, gaming on the DS and 3DS is as relevant as ever, especially given Nintendo’s announcement that it will be shutting down the 3DS and Wii U eShops in 2023.Plenty of games can be lost over time, and franchises like Metroid Will be incomplete again without entries like MercurySteam Sams returns – its proving ground Metroid Fear. Nintendo Developing more dual-screen systems would avoid the hassle of having to adapt these games to work on a single screen, and its years of experience mean that new consoles are likely to have more gimmicks right away.

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