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  • The final episodes of The Walking Dead will introduce a smarter type of zombie.
  • Showrunner Angela Kang told the media at SDCC that they were a throwback for some Pacers in season one.
  • While clever, it was supposed to launch a few seasons ago, and it feels like it was added to serve future spinoffs.

When The Walking Dead returns to TV this fall for its final eight-episode episode, it will finally address one of the show’s biggest zombie plot holes in its first season.

Those smart walkers who can pick up rocks, smash them through doors, and try to climb ladders in the show’s first season, and these people never mention it again, what’s wrong with them?

TWD 102 Walker with Rocks

Some walkers can pick up rocks in the second episode of season one of The Walking Dead.

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During Insider’s San Diego Comic-Con press conference, showrunner Angela Kang and the cast were asked about the updated undead variety Teased at the end of the show’s latest trailer. Kang said their inclusion was not random, saying they would be tied to the beginning of the show.

“I think the Pacers are in some ways a throwback to some of the Pacers we saw in The Walking Dead season one, but not everyone has encountered them,” Kang told the outlet. “It’s almost like a regional variant.”

The final eight episodes of the show are expected to introduce a faster undead breed. In the show’s latest trailer, which debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, Aaron (Ross Marquand) says he’s heard stories of walkers who can climb walls and open doors. Then we see a tease of a walker crossing the fence.

TWD 11c Walker

In the trailer for the final episode of The Walking Dead, a walker appears to be climbing a fence.

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‘TWD’ universe hints at different kinds of walkers in December 2021 spinoff

Their inclusion is not entirely shocking.

The Walking Dead universe recently introduced the idea of ​​a variant faster walker. Five minutes after the series finale of the spin-off “The Walking Dead: Beyond” last December, the first season of “TWD” is CDC virologist Dr. Edwin Jenner (Noah Emmerich). ) mentioned a “mutant cohort” he had not seen in the US.

The audience then sees a woman who was shot and resurrected faster than we’ve seen in the past. (Usually, it takes a few hours or more for a person to become a zombie). Zombified women look faster and more aggressive than Walker fans are used to in the universe.

TWD World Beyond 210 Zombies

The “Beyond World” series finale appears to have introduced a new type of zombie to the “TWD” universe. ”

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Most worryingly, the woman came back to life despite being shot in the head. Usually, in the “TWD” universe, when someone gets shot in the head, they die and don’t turn into a zombie. Unless, the bullet conveniently misses the woman’s brain, the ending of “TWD: Beyond Worlds” hints at the existence of an undead that is harder to kill, or undead at all.

At the time, Scott M. Gimple, head of the ‘TWD’ universe, told Insider that this walker isn’t super-powered, it’s different,” Gimple said. “I want people’s imaginations to be ‘activated’ to the point that this could mean what and what we will do. can see. “

These smarter walkers should have launched years ago, not as footnotes to the show’s final episodes.

TWD 102 Ladder Walker

In the second episode of season one of The Walking Dead, a walker can be seen grabbing onto a ladder and following Rick as if it were about to climb it.

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During the press conference, Kang added that the Pacers teased in the new trailer will keep Daryl and the rest of the survivors on their toes.

“Anytime the rules change, it means our people just need to be more involved in their game because they realize the methods they use to survive aren’t exactly the same,” Kang told the outlet. “Our survivors are very, very smart and they’ll try to adapt to that. But it’s just one of many conflicts they’re dealing with.”

In the final eight episodes, the group didn’t really need another new threat. The show also had to wrap up its sprawling Commonwealth storyline from the comics.

The Smarter Zombies subplot is an original to the AMC series.

Aaron, Ross Marquand TWD 11c

Things aren’t looking great for Aaron at this moment in the “TWD” 11c trailer.

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On the one hand, it’s a sensible solution for those who regularly rewatch the series or relive the first season, noting that former showrunner Frank Darabont introduced the series’ Pacers and more A stark difference between docile fans. in later seasons.

Since taking over as the showrunner for “TWD” in season nine, Kang has found other ingenious ways to simplify the highlights of past seasons. More recently, the series forged a clever political connection between Commonwealth leader Pamela Milton and the former leader of Alexandria, something the comics have never done before.

However, the introduction of smarter walkers in The Walking Dead’s final season, which ran 24 episodes at the time, may leave some viewers wondering why the threat was only introduced late in the game.

While some shocking walkers were finally addressed in season one, smarter zombies are something the show should have considered doing years ago to shake things up, keep the series fresh, and keep the threat of the undead alive. Like that, threatening.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan on TWD 11c

Although these walkers are being introduced, fans already know that certain characters like Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) will be safe from his role in the “TWD” spinoff.

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Instead, as we head into the show’s final eight episodes starting October 2, the addition of the smarter walkers feels less about providing a throwback and a nod to where the show started, more about the series’ upcoming Many spin-off shows, including shows based on Daryl, Negan and Maggie, and Rick and Michonne.

When Insider asked at a press conference if the show would eventually end, or if it would be more open as we move into the many spinoffs of the series, Kang told us, “The goal is that even without spinoffs, it feels like the show will ended.”

“The show itself needs its own ending, but, the door is wide open, as they often do in life, even in the comic’s ending,” Kang added. “Once the story you’re telling on screen is over, there’s always a story going on.”

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