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Image via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon The gimmick has been introduced in just about every new game, which has resulted in mixed responses over the years. However, since launch, the feature has been successfully carried over to newer games, and fans appreciate that Game Freak has kept the gimmick going in future games.

Reddit user u/RealOttersHoldHands thanked Game Freak on r/Pokémon for keeping regional variants in later games.This gimmick was introduced in the seventh generation Pokémon Sun and Moon, returning Pokémon will get new appearances based on the region they came from. A popular example is the Exeggutor, as Alola has a different landscape compared to the Kanto region, and its Alolan form makes this creature as tall as a palm tree.

Seems fans agree, as regional variants help make Pokémon The world feels more alive and vibrant, especially due to the backstory of why these Pokémon change form and type. Fans started suggesting other Pokémon that should receive regional variants, and how they could incorporate new gimmicks into those variants.

Others have pointed out that creating regional variants may be easier than creating new Pokémon designs. But fans don’t seem to have an issue with it, especially since it helps give existing Pokémon without evolution lines a chance to evolve or re-imagine existing Pokémon.

Some Pokéfans hope to introduce regional variants soon instead of Gen VII. But hey, better late than never, right?Still, fans appreciate that the gimmick managed to stay in past games sun and moon.

According to recent Pokémon Scarlett and Violet During the demo Pokémon As a gift, the Paldea region will also have regional Pokémon. So far they’ve introduced Paldean Wooper, who is now the Poison and Ground type, but looks almost similar to its Gen II look. Hopefully, the new game will feature more regional Pokémon in the future once the game gets closer to its release date.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet It will be released on Nintendo Switch on November 18, 2022.

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