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when you enter lost arkAfter a colorful and optimistic start to the continent of Rohendel, it is clear that things are now starting to get serious. But the steady stream of mokoko seeds hasn’t slowed, and nine more seeds will be found across this expansive map.

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You don’t need any beer for these, but the Rohendel analogy that’s probably familiar by now is on display in other ways. You’ll need to learn the Eternalsong sheet music (received when you complete 60% of the Adventurer’s Tome) to get three of these seeds, this time by moving rocks. You also need to reach 250 goodness and have an etheric essence for your book.

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Mokoko Seed One – Xeneela Entrance

If you are entering the Xeneela Ruins from the Breezesome Brae portal, head west and then south to the first Sylvain camp.

Go straight into its south corner, past the repairman NPC Iker, and find your first mokoko seed in clear view on the ground in front of some boxesjust outside the green tent.

Mokoko Seed II – South of Bambiri Village

From the camp, head west to Bambiri Village, but at the fork, follow the path on the left to Celestial Plaza.

Stick to the left (south side) of the fork and you’ll soon come to a south-facing wooden pier. Head up to a circular platform with a circular hut in the middle. If you have 250 kindness, you will be greeted here by nameless NPCs And be able to enter the cabin to find your next mokoko. Otherwise, you’ll need to come back later when you’ve done more selfless acts.

Mokoko Seeds 3 & 4 – Celestial Plaza

Leave the marina and continue your southwest tour. Stick to the right (north) side of this wide path, but ignore the two paths to the north.

Just beyond the second, smaller northern path, you’ll encounter several unnamed NPCs who use their magic to move the rubble here. On the edge of the cliff is a huge round black boulders. Play the Eternal Song here and make it disappear instantly, revealing your third mokoko seed.

Now go a short way east and go north along the slope. At the bottom, turn left and hug the southern edge of the area until you’re basically below where you just found the last seed. You’ll see two attachable floating floors. Destroy them and step into the space they are in to reveal an investigation icon – and your next mokoko. If you move slowly, the floor will reappear and trap you – but you just have to break it again.

Mokoko Seeds Five to Seven – Moonkeep

Walk north from the destroyed Celestial Square to reach the Moon Fort. Go to where the Storage Keep NPC Tasel is, to the left of the fort entrance in front of a collapsed buildingGuard Mishael is standing just above her – behind the guard, covered by the roof of the building, you’ll find another seed.

Walk a short distance north, just to the left of the entrance to the fortress. On the edge of the cliff in the corner, you will see another huge black boulder. Play Eternal Song again and Xeneela Ruins’ sixth mokoko seed will be revealed below.

Now enter the Moon Fort itself. Once inside, turn right, follow the broken path to the left, and get off the elevator. Take the elevator to the basement, go south, and enter the southeast corner of the room. A large bookshelf collapsed. Hidden behind the bookcase is another mokoko.

Mokoko No. 8 Seed – Magick Epicenter

If you’ve unlocked the contaminated village three, go there now – otherwise, you’ll have to go to the blast zone by leaving Moonkeep northwest and use the elevator – or leave it southwest and follow the road a long way Road. If you are in a polluted village, leave it to the west and use the elevator that goes into the blast zone.

Go south and stay on the eastern edge of the map. You’ll reach a point where the path thins out as it goes a bit southwest. Around the corner here, you’ll see a pile of skulls and what looks like a tomb cover – and a now-familiar giant black boulder. Play Eternal Song again and the boulder will fall off the cliff, revealing the eighth seed.

Mokoko Seed Nine – The Forgotten Grave

Finally, head to Three Harbors, the Forgotten Tomb. Follow the trail to the west and stick to its right (north) side. You’ll soon come to some fighting Sylvains, including a man in a white robe with a white staff in his hand.

You need to drink some etheric essence here to enter a secret area. It’s a complicated cooking project and you’ll need to drink water for your books – but once you have it, you can refill it with the relatively cheap Cook Ailara at Rohun. After doing this, you will have all the mokoko seeds in Xeneela Ruins.

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