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Fallen Tear: The Ascension is a colorful new Metroidvania with tons of action, puzzles and a magical fantasy world.

Fallen Tear: The Ascension is a colorful 2D hand drawn Metroid from the Philippines

  • type: Metroidvania
  • Developed by: winter crew
  • Published by: CMD studio
  • release date: pending
  • price: pending
  • platform: windows (steam)

Metroidvanias are all the rage lately, especially in 2022. Just this year, we heard about some special, unique genres that are all the rage. A very unique shot is “The Last Case of Benedict Fox,” which is said to be narrative-heavy. This is somewhat unusual for the genre, as it usually lets players piece together the story themselves. The other is Crowsworn, a high-action Metroidvania that’s the perfect mix of Hollow Knight and Devil May Cry. We also watched “Bo,” a super colorful interpretation of Japanese folklore.

Of course, last year we got Metroid, the game that defines the genre, in its latest Dread entry. Next year, after a long wait, we might get Hollow Knight: Silksong.

Hammer down!

Hammer down!

Now, though, we’ve seen a new game enter the arena. Winter Crew, an up-and-coming game studio from the Philippines, brings its first game, Tears of the Fallen: Ascension.

weeping story

Fallen Tear: The Ascension follows in the footsteps of the magical boy Hira. Clearly, this boy has the potential to change Raoah’s world. This land is a beautiful and magical place, full of wondrous creatures and landscapes. However, the region is at a tipping point. Many gods in this land maintain a careful balance.

Rao's Land

Rao’s Land

However, corruption has started to rise. Some of the pantheon’s gods began to fall out of favor, throwing the world into chaos. It will be up to Hira and his haunted past to bring the balance back to normal.



Like other Metroidvanias, Fallen Tear will have a large and varied map to explore. It looks like this game will be more “open” than others in its class, as it encourages players to find their own path. However, like other Metroidvanias, once the player gains certain abilities or powers up, there are locked passages that require backtracking.

Sheila and his fight

Hira is a professional fighter, so Fallen Tear will contain a lot of fighting scenes. His primary weapon will be the Magic Kor’s Blade, a magical blue longsword. Players will be able to use a variety of attacks to launch Hira’s enemies into the air, toying with them and extending the talk time. He can even teleport behind enemies in a flash strike, backstabbing them for lethal damage.

swish swish

swish swish

Of course, Hira will have plenty of upgrades available. As it stands, there seem to be about 6 “capabilities” in addition to the basic attack. From the official gameplay trailer, we can see dashes, rock-breaking uppercuts, double jumps, slams, super punches, and possibly the aforementioned blink attack. Each of these actions can be enhanced. For example, Dash can be upgraded to leave a trail of fire behind you when you activate this action.

Sheila's upgrade

Sheila’s upgrade

Finally, due to Sheila’s unknowable past, his ultimate ability is called “Overgrowth”. This caused Sheila to rage and unleash her inner beast. Sheila will transform into his beast form, faster and stronger.

friends of rao

Hira doesn’t have to go through his adventures in Fallen Tear alone. During Raoah’s journey, he will meet all kinds of people he can choose to be friends with. In addition to providing companionship and story dialogue, these friends will also have combat apps.

tears destined bond

tears destined bond

The people you meet are called “bonds of destiny”. Once unlocked, these characters will unlock new abilities for Hira to use. Some can be as simple as granting cooking skills or creating land maps. Others can even join your fight by dealing massive bursts of damage, boosting Hira, or disrupting enemies. All told, Hira will have 22 Destiny Bonds associated with him.

Ori and Hollow Tears

Fallen Tear: The Ascension will definitely take some inspiration from other Metroid before it. Of course, this is never a bad thing. It looks right at home with the likes of Ori and the Blind Forest and Hollow Knight. This is especially impressive, as this looks to be the first game from developer Winter Crew.

travel by beetle

travel by beetle

The game is currently only planned for release on PC via Steam. Hope they make a Nintendo Switch port too, because that looks like the perfect place to play it.

For more news, check out Ascent’s new story DLC “Cyber​​ Heist,” released on August 18, Harvestella begins to grow on us with a new feature showcase, and Tactics Ogre: Reborn is coming to PS5 on November 11, PS4, Switch and PC.

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