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A tweet from one of the composers on the “Dragon Rider” soundtrack was retweeted by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, sparking renewed interest in the remake.

A lot can be said about the thrill of nostalgic adventures from the past, and what older games have to offer most players on a journey through familiar puzzles and battles. From longer open-world games to smaller side-scrollers, there are plenty of game fans out there who want a remaster, even if it’s been decades since its original release.

Dragoon legend Released on PS1 in December 1999, it is an RPG game with a clearance time of more than 48 hours, fans have been hoping Dragoon legend Remade for many years. Now, Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida, seemingly out of nowhere, retweeted an anniversary tweet from one of the original composers, Dennis Martin.

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Original tweet, posted on December 3, 2019, filled with kind words for the team Martin worked with, explaining that he enjoyed working on the score, and that he still thinks back on his involvement, and ends the tweet by thanking everyone in memory of Congratulations on the anniversary of the game.Yoshida’s retweet was three years later on August 7, but no comment was added Dragoon legend For a long time, he has seen the love of creators and fans.Sony and Bluepoint Games have had multiple rumors of a remake, as well as petitions Dragoon legend Remake loop also.

Featuring a four-reel long storyline, characters with engaging backstories, and many ways to personalize the playthrough experience, including possible unique attack combinations, Dragoon legend There is enough content to offer.Having said that, it’s one of a variety of PlayStation games that, despite sharing a lot of the same boxes as Bluepoint Games’ other remakes, has yet to see a sequel, such as Demon Soul and shadow of giant.

This tweet brings another round of hopeful speculation about a remake, although any news of a remake in the meantime Dragoon legend That’s good news, even if it’s just a new way to play the original game, as playability is currently limited. Even if Yoshida is just trying to raise awareness among fans, this can definitely be seen as a love of brilliant and immersive games worthy of recognition.

Dragoon legend Playable on PS1, PS3 and PS Vita.

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