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Few details about Pokemon Scarlet and Violet have been confirmed, but rumor has it that the controversial Sword and Shield feature will be returning.

Pokemon Without a doubt, it’s one of the most iconic franchises in all of gaming, as it’s also a household name among non-gamers.Many gamers grew up in Pokemonto this day, continues to play every generation and out of the game. pokemon scarlet and violet It’s that new set of games, and when they’re released in November, it’s fair to say that fans old and new alike will flock to them.

However, this presence in the industry is not without its drawbacks.Some Pokemon Fans felt that these games were too marketed and designed for kids, even though they were family-friendly at their core.Many fans think Pokemon The game has become too easy, holding the player’s hand all the time, and not keeping up with the times, as evidenced by the fact that pokemon scarlet and violet It’s the first open world game since 9th generation. Of course, all of this is debatable, but the argument that “Pokemon games are too easy” could be controversial again.

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EXP share has long been Pokemon Video games that started out as a way to give individual Pokemon extra experience sun and moon Be the switchable way to give all Pokemon in Party XP. Pokémon Sword and Shield EXP Share is also included, but it can’t be turned off among the so-chosen amid a lot of controversy.recent remakes Pokemon Diamonds and Pearls It also doesn’t allow it to be closed.Now, there are rumors that EXP shares will return pokemon scarlet and violet, That’s not surprising, but it doesn’t seem to be able to turn it off either.This means that it may be Pokémon Sword and Shield and BDSP.

a recent tweet Pokemon S/V Whistleblower Blaines suggested that EXP is “forced on by default,” and while that doesn’t necessarily mean it can’t be turned off, it’s highly recommended. The text is already on the wall.With EXP Share forced to enter Pokémon Sword, Shield, Diamondand shining pearlit is really impossible not to become a new generation of permanent mechanics.

It should be noted that the impact of EXP Share on Pokemon scarlet and violetUnlike the guided adventures of previous games, its open world will be fun.looks pokemon scarlet and violet There is no level scaling function, and because of this, perhaps experience sharing will find more reasonable use and better acceptance in the new generation of games. Fans should keep in mind that this is just a rumor, but it wouldn’t be surprising to see it proven legit.

pokemon scarlet and violet Released on Nintendo Switch on November 18.

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