Few Nintendo franchises are better than The Legend of Zelda. Over the decades, a number of games featuring Link have been released, many of them in installments at . Zelda The series sold very well. Because of this popularity, many fans often create artwork based on characters and items from the franchise.One of the most notable objects that fans often make fan art for is Majora’s Mask from The Legend of Zelda: Mathura’s Mask.

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First released on the Nintendo 64 in 2000, Mathura’s mask is the second 3D Zelda The title to start on the system. As the name suggests, the story features a magical mask called Majora’s Mask, which holds a skeleton kid and then goes on to terrorize Termina. Recently, a fan decided to make fan art to pay homage to the terrifying mask.

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On Reddit, a user named Acerk93 shared several photos of a project they recently completed The Legend of Zelda series. Specifically, they decided to make real replicas of Majora’s masks. Impressively, the artist managed to replicate many of the details in the game. The masks, for example, feature the bright colors of the Majora mask and even have the signature spikes around the edges.

Apart from exposing this Mathura’s mask Artwork in the picture, Acerk93 provided details on how they made the mask in the comments section. According to the creators, they made replicas for their partners. Additionally, they revealed that Mathura’s mask is made of cardboard with a layer of pulp and clay on top. To complete the design, they then colored the objects using acrylic paint.

Since posting this incredible true-to-life replica of the Majora mask to Reddit, many Zelda The community has commented on the design. In addition, the mask garnered more than 700 votes in just one day. In the comments, many appreciated the detail in the reproductions made by the creators. Plus, one fan said, the mask looked terrifyingly good. Luckily, Acerk93 responded, “I promise I won’t wear it! Haha.”

See which talented new artwork members are often impressive The Legend of Zelda A community has been created. In addition to this detailed reproduction of the Majora mask, other talented artists have been making fan art based on the collection.For example, one gamer recently reimagined Breath of the Wild Looks like a SNES style title screen. It will be interesting to see what talented fans like Acerk93 come up with in the coming days.

The Legend of Zelda: Mathura’s Mask Now available on Nintendo 64 and Switch via the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack, and the Enhanced Port is available on 3DS.

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