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the universe Star Trek Filled with friends and foes of all kinds for the various captains who play protagonists throughout the series. These tend to vary from series to series, switching from individual characters to entire races.

This Original series There are Klingons, but Kirk has the infamous khan. deep space 9 Dominion-owning, but morally ambiguous Captain Benjamin Sisko’s specific nemesis is Dole Ducat, a nasty, squishy Cardassian who’s been agonizing over the poor Captain. But what about Captain Picard? next generation? Answers will vary depending on who is asked, making for an interesting study of what TV shows are trying to imply and what movies want.

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When this veritable movie nemesis Out, Paramount desperately trying to recreate the good old days Star Trek, And felt the need to introduce an opponent of the same rank as Khan for Captain Picard. They introduced Xin Zong, a Romulan clone of Picard himself, played by a very young Tom Hardy. The Romulans created him using DNA illicitly obtained from Dear Captain in a puzzling plan to replace Picard with their cloned agents. Things go awry, and as they often do, Shinzon becomes the leader, but what Paramount is trying to do with his character is create the ultimate nemesis for Picard.

However, for many fans, they failed to do so. Shinzon feels like a one-time villain with no pre-established history with other movies or TV shows to hone his deep connection to Picard.Khan at least Original series His backstory and his personal relationship with Kirk were known before the movie, and therefore before the movie, began.

The nemesis Paramount is trying to create (or recreate) feels overshadowed by various other pre-existing nemesis characters in Picard’s life, and at the top of this list, it’s Borg. The Borg presents an interesting nemesis crown dilemma. While usually the title is awarded to individuals such as Khans, Gulducats, or even Sinjongs, the Borg are by their very nature devoid of any individuality. His nemesis is not the individual Borg race, but the Borg as a collective, a confusing concept that likely led to attempts to bring in the Shinzon. However, it also led the show’s creators to introduce the Borg Queen, which is still not particularly satisfying to many fans who think she ruined the Borg Queen.

Can See Through the Borg Collective next generation As the nemesis of the Federation, it’s not just Picard. However, when it comes to being a nemesis, there is an element of personal conflict. The Federation fought the Borg out of a need to survive and protect itself, but it was never as personal as Picard, who was assimilated and turned into the Borg’s Locutis.While he was eventually rescued, his assimilation was harrowing and resonated not only in the rest of the show, but in film and modern Picard also even had a chain reaction deep space 9, As a key backstory to Sisko, his wife was killed by the Borg under Locutis’ command.

While Shinzon and the other villains in the series angered Picard, tortured or hurt him, made him angry or irritated his various other reactions, the Borg were the only ones who actually got into the captain’s head (literally) and led to One of the few viewers who saw the usually stoic captain crumble. This episode of “Family” is considered one of the best TNG For a number of reasons (despite Roddenberry’s negative criticism of it), most importantly Picard was moved to tears. The following quote best summarizes his trauma:

“You don’t know, Robert. You don’t know… They took everything from me. They used me to kill and destroy, and I couldn’t stop them. I should be able to stop them. I tried…I tried. But I’m not strong enough! I’m not good enough! I should be able to stop them, I should, I should…!”

This isn’t the only moment Picard shows off Borg-related emotional outbursts, another in first contact In the film he loses his temper and smashes a display case. He literally screamed “No!” and then gave an impassioned speech about how much he hated the Borg. After this point, character Lily even mentions the Borg as Picard’s “Moby Dick,” referring to Moby Dick’s obsession-driven hatred for whales.

“They invaded our space, we retreated. They assimilated the whole world, we retreated. Won’t come again! The line must be drawn here! No more going forward! I’ll let them do what they do Pay the price!” “

Those two moments are the only two examples of the villain in Picard’s story that actually evoke such an emotional reaction from him. He showed annoyance at Q, and a fair amount of anger (though Sisko had no hint of contempt for him), but never had the same trigger.

The writers hold the gold in these moments, subtly knowing when to leave it alone and when to really show the Borg’s traumatic influence on the captain. They’re well written, always implying that it’s bubbling beneath the surface, oozing from the stoic exterior the captain is desperately trying to maintain, until it’s too much and he collapses in a very realistic way.The Borg is his true nemesis and he will never be able to completely beat him until he can forgive what they did to him and move on. Picard Season 2.

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