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start with stardew valley For new players, this can be an exhilarating experience. In addition to creating their character and choosing which farm to use, players need to sort out all the different controls.Once their game starts, players can accomplish some memorable things in the first week stardew valley This allows them to succeed.

During the first week, players should meet all the citizens of Pelican Town, clear a portion of their farm, and start their mine tour. However, be aware that some events can only happen at a certain point in time.For those looking to get the most out of their first week stardew valleythis guide can help you.

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What to do on your first day in Stardew Valley?

The first day of the game is Monday and the player starts life stardew valleyy on their bed. The first thing to do is to collect seeds inside the farmhouse, then go outside to make room to grow them. The player’s first goal should be to chop down enough wood to make a chest (50 wood) and lay out their first crops.

Once the farm work is done, the player should head to the town and start meeting and greeting the local residents stardew valley. This should take them to Pierre’s grocery store where they should buy more seeds to plant. On a limited budget, parsnips are an excellent choice for boosting your farming and making a nice profit quickly.

Players should continue to track people and forage in the mountains, beaches, and Cidersnap forest. When the first day is over, plant the remaining seeds and water them. One thing to keep in mind when exploring: clearing weeds with a scythe doesn’t cost any energy, and it’s easy to collect fiber and mixed seeds.

What to do on Day 2 of Stardew Valley?

The second day should focus less on the farm and more on the farm stardew valleyPelican Town. After watering the crops planted yesterday, players can head to the beach and meet Willy for the first time. This cutscene will grant players their first fishing rod and open up a potential source of income. In addition to him, players should also wrap up the introduction to the 27 main characters and offer gifts to any of them to earn 100 gold.

operated grocery store stardew valleyThe Pierre closes on day 3, so if players want to earn more gold, they should spend the money they’ve earned so far on buying more seeds. In addition to investing, players should continue to explore the town and surrounding areas for fodder or fish to improve their skills.

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It’s worth noting that players should make sure to explore Cidersnap Forest and check for green onions near the sewers. These don’t sell much, but they can provide some extra energy in a pinch.

What to do on Day 3 of Stardew Valley?

It always rains on the third day, so players don’t have to waste any energy watering the crops. Villagers come together to grow crops and water, and today is a day to improve foraging and fishing.For those who want to do the latter, they should fish in front of the fish shop stardew valleyThe Willie, once their inventory is full, go in and sell what they’ve caught and start the process all over again.

What to do on Day 4 in Stardew Valley?

With the profit made yesterday, the player can invest some stardew valleyThe best spring crops, plant them and water them. Unfortunately, the more seeds players plant, the more energy they use. It’s because of this delicate balance that players should grab the items they’re looking for and make sure they don’t accidentally burn out.

Nothing really new opens up this day, so players can continue to focus on maximizing their fishing, foraging, and farming skills.It is important to remember that in stardew valley Crucially, players should make sure they fall asleep before midnight to ensure they recover as much as possible.

What to do on Day 5 in Stardew Valley?

Three major developments on day 5 stardew valley: The player’s pet arrives and the local mine opens, which can trigger the first event in the Community Center. Once the player opens the door, stardew valleyThe rancher Marnie will greet them with the animals they chose when setting up the game. After this cutscene, they can check their mailbox to learn that JojaMart has removed the landslide that had been blocking the mines. To further add to this busy day, players will also start their community center tour from the moment the bus stop enters Pelican Town.

To manage all this, players should first harvest all the crops they planted on day one, sell them to Pierre, and buy more seeds. Before they do, however, players will trigger the Community Center cutscene and get the Rat Problem quest.Move this main arc into stardew valley Along the way, players can head to the Community Center and activate the golden scroll.

After doing this, the player should head to the mine to meet Malone. That character will give them their first sword, and the player should put some time and effort into the first few levels of the mine.

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Collecting a single copper ore will trigger the next day’s event and provide the player with the blueprint for the furnace.In addition, the station wagon offered for the first time stardew valley It should also be available for players to visit in Cidersnap Forest.

What to do on Day 6 in Stardew Valley?

As long as the copper ore is collected, stardew valleyThe blacksmith, Clint, should appear on the player’s front steps, introducing himself awkwardly. At this point, the player should have reached farming level 1 and should be able to craft scarecrows to protect the farm they are growing from birds. Fortunately, the day is not as busy as the day before, and players can focus on improving their fishing, farming, foraging or mining skills.

Skill levels Level 1 Recipes Level 2 Recipes Level 3 Recipes
agriculture Scarecrow, Basic Fertilizer Mayonnaise Maker, Stone Fence, Sprinkler Bee House, Speed-Gro, Farmer’s Lunch
foraging Wild Seeds, Field Snacks Survival Burger Tapping machine
fishing Cast range increased bait Crab pot, sea vegetables
mining cherry bomb stairs Miner’s Hospitality

In addition to recipes, players can also increase their proficiency using applicable tools (i.e. hoes and watering cans associated with farming), thereby reducing their energy costs.If players are able to activate the Community Hub, they should receive an email from stardew valleyThe local mage associated with that questline can meet him on this day. Once inside his tower, players will be able to learn about bundles inside the Community Center.

What to do on Day 7 in Stardew Valley?

last day of the first week stardew valley From the first episode of The Queen of Sauce on TV. After watching this show, players should water the crops and have the option to head to the station wagon. Beyond that, players should look to examine the remaining easier tasks.

Currently at your fingertips are Activation (kill ten slimes and visit the Adventurer’s Guild), Advance (making a furnace) and Smelting (smelting copper bars).All three require the player to spend some time in the mine stardew valleybut it is important that they bring some type of food to help with energy and health management.

stardew valley Now available on mobile, PC, PS4, Switch and Xbox One.

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