September’s big Call of Duty event will provide more information on Warzone 2 and reveal the series’ “imminent future” more broadly.

The “era-defining franchise,” dubbed Call of Duty Next, will air on September 15. In addition to the new Warzone 2 deets, the showcase will feature “further details” for Modern Warfare 2 as well as a “full reveal” of the “Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer. See more on the mobile version (codenamed Project Aurora).

Activision says the event will also feature “a multitude of your favorite streamers playing games in real time at the event.” Hopefully this means we’ll get to see some Warzone 2 gameplay as well, but that seems unlikely as Activision has made it clear that we’re getting “information” about a follow-up to Battle Royale.

Finally, the showcase offers “information and surprises” on what they’re not ready to reveal. The series will reportedly skip its annual mainline in 2023, but Activision responded that it “has an exciting array of premium and free Call of Duty experiences for this year, next year, and beyond.”

The Modern Warfare 2 beta date for all platforms was also revealed today. As expected, starting September 16th, PlayStation players who have pre-ordered will get access at the earliest, with all other PlayStation owners getting access a few days later. The beta will open for Xbox and PC players next weekend. As with the PlayStation beta, those who pre-ordered on Xbox have access to the beta a few days earlier than those who didn’t.

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