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It’s hard to imagine if Joel and Ellie weren’t such beloved characters The Last of Us 2 Become as controversial as ever.Luckily, the flashback of Ellie’s birthday was the biggest moment The Last of Us 2 Critics applauded, and one artist went on to pay tribute to the scene.

Although Joel is The Last of Us 2 Much more limited than in the original game, players do get to spend time with Ellie’s father figure through some flashbacks. While the scenes include an unforgettable battle with bloating and the big moment when Ellie discovers what really happened at Firefly Hospital, many still see the birthday flashbacks as the best of them all. In a game full of heartbreaking moments, this brief frivolity works wonders.

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Recently, Reddit user Zealousideal_Tone_29 shared a spectacular pencil drawing based on this moment. While the artist could have chosen a lot of moments from this flashback, like Ellie pushing Joel into the water, or the two putting their hats on some dinosaur fossils, choosing to focus on astronaut Ellie makes perfect sense. With a character who loves the concept of space, Joel is touching to help her achieve her dream of becoming an astronaut.

In this piece, Joel can be seen smiling and looking at Ellie, who closes her eyes and imagines her in outer space. The level of detail in the work is incredible, with some nice shadows on the protagonist’s face and clothes. The artist also managed to make the glass on Ellie’s helmet reflective, which certainly wasn’t an easy task.Clearly Zealousideal_Tone_29 are experienced in this type of art and their efforts have resulted in a beautiful picture that perfectly captures this splendor The Last of Us 2 moment.

Unsurprisingly, the comments were filled with praise for the artist, with many saying it was their favorite gaming moment.and last survivor The HBO series is about to air, and maybe fans will see this moment in reality. Still, given how perfect the in-game sequences are, it’s hard for the show to beat it.No matter what, those who love this moment can always go back in time The Last of Us 2 Relive it for yourself and see more of Joel and Ellie at the happiest of times.

Artwork like this shows enthusiasm last survivor The fan base is that with the faction spin-off coming next year, there will soon be some new moments to pay tribute to. For many, however, Joel’s gift to Ellie will forever be regarded as one of the best scenes in the series.

The Last of Us 2 Now available on PS4.

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