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The classic creepypasta has been reimagined and ready to scare a whole new audience.

Remember Sonic.EXE? The dominance of this creepy pasta on the internet in the early 2010s cannot be overstated. It’s everywhere. We all thought it was horrible. Sonic.EXE started out as an internet urban legend before spawning a bunch of fan games, bent on scaring you even further. And now, the Sonic Origins mod continues that proud tradition.

Sonic Origins: Sonic.EXE Remastered Recreate horrific web stories for new audiences, turning retro collecting games into nightmare fuel. All the visuals turned into the horrific colors we saw in the original fan game, and Sonic’s model was given his signature black eyes, shedding blood.

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The mod has just entered development, and its Game Banana page says the game is 5% complete. Since it involves each level across four different games, it’s understandable that we waited a while.

But in the meantime, we can see what the mod’s creator, SonicsGamingHub, has put together. So far, Sonic 1’s Green Hill Zone appears to be complete and is now a sea of ​​blood surrounded by dead grass. It remains to be seen what SonicsGamingHub will do for the rest of the levels, but given what we’ve already shown, it’s sure to be disturbing.

However, not every Sonic Origins player has to download the mod for the wacky gaming experience. As we reported yesterday, some players on PC are still unable to launch the game. But it’s not caused by the cursed .EXE file, but apparently by the game’s inability to understand unicode – any character that isn’t on a standard QWERTY keyboard. This means that anyone with an accent in their name is experiencing this omission and has to make changes to the game themselves in order to play it. Unfortunately, this has not been fixed in the latest update.

Sonic Origins is out now, available on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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