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Jang-Sung Rak, Illustrator individual leveling Sadly passed away on July 23 due to a cerebral hemorrhage at the age of 40. Yen Press provided an English translation of the obituary for the artist and CEO of REDICE Studio, who went public through DUBU and held a private funeral for family and close friends.

individual leveling is a web novel and manga, about to be adapted into an anime, about a world where humans possess magical powers. One of the humans is the extremely weak Song Jin-woo, who was chosen by the system as a mysterious gift and can now grow without limit.The animated adaptation was recently announced to be produced by A-1 Pictures, which Sword Art Online, your April lie, and deleted. The animation was also announced to be licensed through Crunchyroll. The original web novels and comics were written by Chu Gong, and the late Dubu drew the comics.

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DUBU is more than just an illustrator individual levelingas he is also the CEO of REDICE Studio, which makes comics adapted from web novels such as space dude and Isle of Giant Worms. It was announced last Monday that DUBU, whose real name was Zhang Chengle, died of chronic cerebral hemorrhage. Yen Press, which publishes the franchise in English, translated the obituary published by REDICE, which was originally in Korean.

The translation is as follows:

On July 23, 2022, Mr. Sung-rak Jang, the artist of the Solo Leveling manga, passed away due to health problems.

As his family had wished, a small funeral was held at his mother’s residence, attended by family and close friends. Zhang, who had long struggled with health conditions, died of a brain hemorrhage due to the condition. We would like to thank our readers for their love and support of Solo Leveling, and we also ask everyone to pray that Mr. Zhang can rest in a better place. The staff at Solo Leveling and everyone at REDICE Studio are praying for Mr. Zhang, who has always had a deep love for his work and his readers. Dear REDICE studio. “

The animated adaptation was announced shortly before Dub’s sudden and unexpected death. Unfortunately, he won’t see A-1 Picture’s interpretation of his work, however, his legacy remains as CEO of REDICE, and as an illustrator for the highest-level comics at the moment.

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resource: Anime News Network

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