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A creative Pokemon fan shared a fun piece of art featuring Woopper and Paddin Woopper, who were revealed in the latest trailer.

With one of the largest fan bases of movies, video games and TV shows, Pokemon is one of the most famous franchises of all time.As such, it is not surprising that pokemon scarlet and violet high hopes Pokemon lovers. The latest trailer offers more information about the new game, showing players traveling through the Paldea region while attending one of two academies. The trailer only shows a handful of new Pokemon.first regional form pokemon scarlet and violet Also introduced, and Paldean Wooper will be a poison/earth dual type Pokemon.

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Wooper is a land and water dual-type Pokémon that first appeared in Generation 2. Pokemon series. Wooper is a blue, clumsy Pokémon with small, round black eyes and a huge head compared to its body. It spends most of its time in cold water, occasionally leaving it when the evening air cools to forage along the is considered one of the cutest Pokemon Franchise, often the focus of fan art, such as the impressive 3D design featuring Wooper. Now, a fan has made a fun digital artwork featuring Wooper and Paldean Wooper.

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Recently, Reddit user QuantumF0am posted a fascinating piece of art titled “Johntonian Wooper Trying to Stay Hip”. In their creation, the original poster showed Wooper wrapping himself in mud, looking just like the new Paldean Wooper. This image shows Paldean Wooper looking puzzled at Wooper standing in the mud pool.This work is loved by people pokemon scarlet and violet community with over 5k upvotes and tons of comments.

Fans had a lot of positive reactions to the art in the comments section, and there was some discussion about it as well. Some fans think the word Johntonian shouldn’t be used before Wooper, they should just be Woper, since it’s the original form of Pokemon. Fans also joked and filled the comment section with the word “Pooper,” as fans in the community have jokingly referred to Paldean Wooper as “Pooper” since it was first introduced in the trailer.

Similar artwork featuring other Pokemon pokemon scarlet and violet The Internet is rapidly flooding. Most of the fan art focuses on the three starting Pokemon that will appear in the game, such as fans’ recent designs for Fuecoco’s Final Evolution.

In addition to introducing Paldean Wooper, the trailer also revealed a lot about pokemon scarlet and violet. The trailer reveals information about gameplay, character customization, treasure hunts, new Pokemon and many more exciting features.

pokemon scarlet and violet Released on November 18th, exclusively for Nintendo Switch.

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