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game station A survey has been conducted with players participating in Evo, asking them about the types of NFTs they might be interested in purchasing.

Currently Evo, for those in the know, the biggest fighting game tournament. There are many games in the competition every year, but this year PlayStation raised a relatively worrisome question in a survey sent to Evo players, and it’s everyone’s least favorite topic right now. NFTs.

the investigation, which IGN To confirm it’s real, ask respondents to the survey “Which of the following NFTs/digital collectibles would you be most interested in buying?” followed by things like “PlayStation items, favorite game characters” and “Evo-branded” collectibles.

Of course, an investigation in no way means something is explicitly planned, but the question is not whether anyone would be interested in NFTs in the first place, but what kind of NFTs. Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmed point out This doesn’t appear to be related to the recently announced PlayStation Stars initiative, and “digital collectibles are just a term that can be used interchangeably with NFTs”.

The PlayStation Stars loyalty program, announced last month, drew immediate attention when it mentioned digital collectibles, and many feared it meant NFTs. thank goodness, But in fact, it’s notall of which sounds like a rewards program, with digital collectibles like figures from various video game characters.

Considering that this survey was conducted specifically for Evo, it’s possible that some kind of NFT was just planned for the tournament. Why this is an investigation from PlayStation could just be because the company acquired Evo last year.

We’ll have to wait and see if this survey actually yields any concrete results, but seeing as nearly everyone in the game hates them unanimously, we hope not!

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