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launch no man’s sky Already notorious in the video game industry.It was one of the most anticipated games of 2016, but after its release, players quickly discovered no man’s sky Not the game promised to them, nor much fun. Some developers would choose to pack and move on to their next project, but Hello Games stuck with it and has been steadily improving the game ever since.

The studio has released a number of free content updates for players to chew on, which helps with redemption no man’s sky. One of the improved features of these content updates is multiplayer. The game allows four people to explore the galaxy together and fulfill their space dreams. However, there is still one key element missing from multiplayer. It doesn’t feel like players are advancing together, but rather like a single-player game where players take risks next to each other; this needs to change.

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No Man’s Sky Multiplayer Explained

no man’s sky Allows players to explore planets together, kill enemies, build bases and perform certain missions throughout the galaxy. The game also features a social hub space station that can be called up, called Space Anomaly. On Space Anomaly, players can meet and communicate with other people, trade with them, inspect their ships, find new groups or start co-op missions through the Nexus.

multiplayer in no man’s sky It can be fun, but there’s still a long way to go. Since progress is not shared, players still have to go through various story chains on their own. They have to do it on their own, because the game often bugs when multiple player freighters are in the same system, they can’t jump to new areas together, and sometimes co-operating to build a base doesn’t work either. Much of the game feels like players are venturing into spaces next to each other, not each other.

No Man’s Sky needs a collaborative focus

no man’s sky There are hours of fun in multiplayer, but a more co-op focus could be more fun. Nexus Quest is the furthest co-op mode in the game. no man’s sky It is difficult for players to progress together, so they play at their own pace and rarely work together to achieve anything.

Hello Games doesn’t need to do much to make the game more cooperative. For starters, making the main quest chain cooperative goes a long way, as each player is currently advancing a different storyline on their own. While this works for single-player games, multiplayer fans often want to play the story together, and Hello Games needed to make it easier to do that.

another way no man’s sky Being able to become more focused on collaboration is a way to provide an easier way to travel together. Currently, players cannot follow others through the stars through different realms. Unless each player is sitting on someone’s freighter, when players jump to the next area, they’re usually left behind. Giving players the option to jump together or follow each other would go a long way.

no man’s sky It also doesn’t seem to handle it well when multiple player cargo planes are in the same area. Sometimes the game bugs and gives the freighter the exact same appearance, but sometimes the game gives other players control even if it’s not their freighter, and sometimes the game even goes crazy trying to send the ship on an expedition. A lot of this can be attributed to accidental bugs, but that also hinders the game’s cooperative potential.

comprehensive, no man’s sky Multiplayer is fun, but it takes some work. Players want to be able to play together, and today’s games make that difficult. Hello Games needs to take the time to make multiplayer more focused on co-op, which will go a long way to making the game better.

no man’s sky Available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S

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