The latest update to Nickelodeon All-Stars Brawl has very unintended consequences for metadata. This patch adds Hugh Neutron and his new stage, and also makes very dramatic changes to Aang. For some reason, his knockdown stunt is now a one-shot move, blasting enemies off the stage even at 0%.

As of this writing, potentially unintentional buffs are still in the game and will work no matter who your opponent is. Just start rolling with the Aangs down special and hit your hapless victim. It works every time.

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As the video below shows, it doesn’t matter what your opponent does. Once they get a special hit, it’s all over. Regardless of their input, they leave the stage.Side note: I am Very Sorry, Reptar player I just tested this online. This has to be done.

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Some say this has been fixed on PC, but I can personally attest to its effectiveness on PlayStation now. As such, the fix may not currently be available for console players – so avoid playing online for now.

According to the news in the official Discord server, the developers are aware of the problem. Just wait until the fix is ​​released on all platforms. So, hey, might as well play around with it until then, right? Just not ranked, cheers.

In the meantime, you can now pick up Hugh Neutron, NASB’s latest DLC fighter. You can buy him and his stage for £3.99, or a season pass for £9.29. The pass will also get you the Jenny Wakeman pack, as well as Rocko later this year. The game is playable on PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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