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and Animal Crossing: New Horizons Giving players the freedom to create whatever they want, it’s no surprise that many people use the game as a way to pay homage to their favorite franchise.However, a talented Animal Crossing: New Horizons Players make some great creations outside of the game, and Stranger Things is their latest property.

The player in question, with the username washue on Reddit, shared multiple art posts and merged them in ANIMAL CROSSING Villagers with popular shows and movies.For example, washue recently showed some ANIMAL CROSSING based on art collection Encanto and turn red, the results for both groups of villagers were incredible.they surpassed their Stranger Things However, more than a dozen designs can be seen depicting younger and older versions of the characters.

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this Stranger Things and ANIMAL CROSSING Can view cross-border art here, and there are many designs to admire. The standouts in the original lineup were Eleven and Dustin, the former glaring, the latter’s cheerful expressions matching the attitudes of the characters in the show. They are the deer and frog villagers, who are accompanied by Malukas, Mike the bird and Will the mouse. Steve is a good dog villager, while Jonathan fits a wolf and Nancy looks like a goat. Hopper is perfect for a bear, while Joyce works like a rabbit.

Other villagers include Max the wolf like a fox, Audi like an Audi, Robin like a cat, and Murray like a koala. A new addition to Season 4 is a true show stealer, with fan-favorite Eddie Mudson looking like a devil. Vecna ​​also looks great, and the show’s scary villain has some scary skins and makes a perfect octopus villager. The artist even included variants of Robin and Steve from the ice cream parlour and Will the Wise, showing their commitment to the celebratory show.

with other characters Stranger Things Like Billy and Papa didn’t get villagers, maybe washue can share more awesome designs inspired by the series. Regardless, they drove it out of the park with these concepts, and many Redditors praised their hard work.In addition to the 9,000 likes, several commenters were quick to point out the villagers they wanted Animal Crossing: New Horizons Island, Eddie is a particularly popular choice.

taking into account other Stranger Things pay tribute Animal Crossing: New Horizons Having been shared, like the entertainment of “Chrissy Wake Up,” it’s clear just how popular the Netflix series has become. Fans will soon have more characters and moments to honor them as the next season rolls around.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons Now available on Nintendo Switch.

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resource: Reddit/washue

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